Marketing’s New Era

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Marketing’s New Era @jonobean

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”Right now, marketing as a function is at an inflection point between what we’re comfortable with, what we have permission to do, and what’s possible.” Eduardo Conrado SVP and Chief Innovation Officer Motorola Solutions.

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We are in the trust business … but trusted sources are changing

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Who tells your story best?

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Increase Sales

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Cut Cost

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More Sunshine

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Science @jonobean

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Substance @jonobean

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Story @jonobean

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Simplicity @jonobean

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Speed @jonobean

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Purpose @jonobean

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Experience @jonobean

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88% of companies report undergoing a digital transformation however, only

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80% of strategists surveyed report their companies are investing in improving processes that expedite change to digital properties, such as websites, mobile and social platforms. however, only

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Concentrate on owned and earned media

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Marriott wants to add 30,000 rooms in 2014. We will add that in the next two weeks. – Brian Chesky, CEO Airbnb ”

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”I asked myself why I should spend money externally in the magnitude I do now when I have all these customers so close to me. Should I pay somebody else to expose my messages, or should they pay me to communicate on one of my platforms?”

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Now let me introduce you to Kerstin and #MynewsdeskNow

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20,773 newsroom views 83% desktop users 17% mobile users Platform Consumption #data&insights

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200m people Earned Media Reach #scale

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$5 million Earned Media Value

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Sales Leads increased by 60%

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Purpose driven story telling

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Owned and Earned Content is key

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Agencies = creativity + resources

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Realtime content doesnt have to be difficult

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A campaign is not enough

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“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm” Winston Churchill @jonobean

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We can’t stay married to yesterday and we can’t be afraid of tomorrow. Eduardo Conrado SVP and Chief Innovation Officer Motorola Solutions.

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Thank you! @jonobean