7 simple steps to building your audience of viewers

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7 simple steps to building your audience of viewers Part 1 of a 4-part series for media & entertainment marketers April 2015

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40% Home with video streaming service1 33% Increase in digital brand advertising 70% Media & entertainment marketers who increased digital budget2 27% The amount of viewers ages 18 to 24 who watched less traditional TV3 The challenge: Creating a direct relationship with your viewer So much has changed in the media & entertainment world in just a few short years. Viewers aren’t just watching television shows when they are scheduled—they’re watching them on their PC, tablet or mobile phone whenever they want. Their attention is drawn to YouTube while they are watching a movie on their TV at the same time. Over-the-top services have taken off, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing. That said, linear television still draws millions of viewers—and marketers are increasingly focused on how to attract viewers to tune in.

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To increase your viewership, you need to learn how to not only identify your potential audience, but to connect with them. But when you don’t have much data about them, how do you get started?

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7 simple steps to building your audience The process:

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So you don’t have much data on your audience. Start with what you do have. You might have an email newsletter for a specific show, some research or maybe you have subscribers to an app or Internet product. Gather any first-party data on your current audience that you may have. Step 1: Identify

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Usually, you know the age and gender of your audience—or you at least have a good idea. That’s a place to start. Now leverage third-party data to get the full picture. Where do they live? What are they buying? What are their interests? Step 2: Infer

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Looking at the data, ask yourself: What do I know about this audience? Once you know who they are, there’s a lot you can learn using reverse appends and data enhancement. For example, you might find that your audience is predominantly high income, frequently goes to the movies and has a strong interest in science fiction. This step helps you to fill in the gaps. Step 3: Recognize & enhance

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Now that you’ve filled in the gaps, create the full picture. Build the story of who they are and what they are like. If you learned that the majority of your audience is made up of males ages 18–24, who live mostly in urban areas and are tech savvy, have no children in the household and have an interest in science fiction, then that may tell you how to best target them. Step 4: Profile

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If you are running a DMP on your site(s), you’re capturing behavioral data. Great! You already know the demographic details. Now add what videos they watched and what pages they visited. Use all that you’ve learned in steps 1–4 and use a lookalike model to find potential viewers that have similar behavior. Step 5: Model who you know

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Of course, you’re not going to have data on everyone—and even if you do, they may be anonymous to you. Match the behavior of this anonymous group and make some inferences based on their online behaviors. You will find that this can be a strong indicator of their demographic profile. Step 6: Model who you don’t know

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At this point, you’ve done some great sleuthing to find out the unknown. Using your lookalike models, match them up against a compiled database like TotalSource Plus to identify new potential viewers that resemble your current audience. Then, match them to Epsilon’s 320 million unique online profiles and push a digital campaign to them. Use the same strategy through the social channel. Step 7: Build

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Now what? Your world isn’t standing still anytime soon. The way an audience starts viewing a new show can follow a very disruptive path. They may hear about it on Twitter, see a digital ad or find it in their Netflix recommendations, making it a convoluted journey.

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Once a connection is made, this can lead to improved TV ratings, more ad dollars and a higher CPM. This all begins with using data to identify potential viewers. Media & entertainment marketers always need to evolve. The first step in your advancement is building your audience. But before you can do that, you must first understand them and know the best way to connect with them.

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Making sense of all this data can be quite challenging. We’re here to help. In the continuation of this series, we’ll show you how to reach the right audience once you’ve built it. Then we’ll help you learn ways to boost their engagement. Finally, we’ll assist you in measuring all of your hard work to optimize and monetize.

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