How to Make Your Gaming App a Success

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How to Make Your Gaming App a Success

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Ran Avrahamy Head of Marketing – AppsFlyer Mark Robinson CEO – deltaDNA Fascinated by the potential of big data, Mark co-founded deltaDNA in 2010 and has made it his personal mission to evangelize on how analytics can change the games industry. Managing a complicated relationship with mobile. (Too) early adopter. Loves being an entrepreneur - Hates the word entrepreneur.

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How to Take Your Advertising Campaigns To The Next Level

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Leading the Mobile Advertising Analytics Market

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Leading in Scale

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Leading in Retention

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Back to Basics

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Mobile Advertising Analytics What is it Why do you need it

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Actionable insights on network performance Sorted by ARPU

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Sorted by Conversion rate Actionable insights on ad creative performance

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So… How Do You Take Your Campaigns to The Next Level?

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Tutorial completion Sharing with friends Unlocking achievements Sessions In-app purchases Facebook Connect Players who connected with Facebook and completed a tutorial Players who made an in-app purchase, completed level 10 but were inactive for 7 days & Combine rich in-app events ...parameters at the SDK level to pinpoint which media... source delivered, for example Rich In-App Events

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Single smart tracking link for all sources Non-disruptive user experiences Real time attribution data Multiple links for each campaign, platform and OS Broken user experiences No conversion data From... To... The Evolution of Deeplinking

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Click Attribution data provided in real time User landed on the right screen App Installed Direct to app App opened App not installed: App Store Redirect in action App opened

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Jackpot: Performance Index for the gaming vertical Know your networks

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Day 1 Retention - Gaming

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Day 7 Retention - Gaming

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Day 30 Retention - Gaming

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Retention Level Gap +7% +45% +103%

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Key Takeaways Big Data is King Video ads preform iOS Power Key Takeaways

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2nd Star OneLink Ran Avrahamy ran@appsflyer.com @RanAvr

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Day One Retention Rates On average less than 40% of players return to a free-to-play game after just one session 44% have 60 – 80% of players not returning after one session Many games live with low retention rates and therefore poor lifetime value The Harsh Economics of F2P

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The Harsh Economics of F2P Conversion from Player to Payer

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Why players leave your game 26 Appointment Setting Monetization Blockers Game Blockers Rewarding 1st 60 Seconds Game Complexity Game Difficulty Repeat Play Tasks Tutorial

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Move the dial 27 Technical Issues Too Easy Didn’t Understand Tutorial Ran Out Of Resources Too Difficult Good Momentum Long 1st Session Return For 2nd Session

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Key Player Behavior Drivers 28 NOT ALL PLAYERS ARE THE SAME

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The deltaDNA platform tools

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Maximize the Lifetime Value of your Players

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Maximize the Lifetime Value of your Players

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Use 3D Segmentation to define player target lists Use LTV Predictor tool to calculate average revenue per install for a range of player demographics and acquisition channels With as little as 4 days of data you will gain >90% accuracy Focus on valuable engaged players instead of volume Understand the LTV of Player Segments Learn which clusters of players offer the best lifetime value: analyze behavioral traits to optimize acquisition strategy

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Nanobit uses A/B tests to optimize pricing Created 3 test groups; reduced price by 20%, kept prices the same, increased price by 20% After less than a week could see that increasing the price by 20% had no negative effect on retention Revenue up by at least 20 - 50% For gaming companies, deltaDNA is our number one tool. It has a lot more possibilities than other analytics tools we’ve used in the past; for example A/B testing, push notifications and engagement tools. Alan Sumina CEO of Nanobit Case Study: A/B test to Optimize Monetization

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350% increase in engaged users (playing for more than 10 days in a row) 20% improvement in players returning Item sales in the in-game store increased by six times 5x increase in number of transactions 8x increase in transaction value Case Study: Use Engagement Tools to Optimize Retention & Engagement

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Integrating the tools from both Appsflyer and deltaDNA lets us see the whole lifecycle of users that we have acquired from one particular campaign Optimize the Entire Player Life Cycle Alan Sumina CEO of Nanobit

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Q&A www.deltaDNA.com www.AppsFlyer.com