Pinterest Growth Hacks to Get Your Business Found

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Pinterest Growth Hacks to Get Your Business Found #pinteresthacks

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Rebekah Radice #pinteresthacks Global Brand Ambassador for Post Planner Award Winning Blogger Social Media Strategist Author, “How to Use Social Media to Virtually Crush the Competition” @RebekahRadice @PostPlanner

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Melissa Megginson #pinteresthacks Marketing Manager and Cat Lady at Tailwind Content Creation, Social Media, Blogging and PR Award Winning Blogger @MelMegg @TailwindApp

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Housekeeping... #pinteresthacks Don’t forget to use the hashtag #pinteresthacks Clear off your desk and shut down your tech toys - you won’t want to miss a second of this Grab a pen and paper or your favorite note-taking app and get ready to take notes

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Have You Ever Wondered... #pinteresthacks How to get noticed and create brand awareness with Pinterest? How to market your business on Pinterest? How to create content that gets shared? How to drive traffic to your website, increase sales, revenue and cash flow?

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Succeeding at Pinterest If you want to succeed at Pinterest, you have to work smart. #pinteresthacks

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#1 Pinterest SEO #pinteresthacks Hybrid Discovery Engine/ Social Media Platform

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Guided Search #pinteresthacks

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Help Get Your Content Found Use searchable keywords in your boards, descriptions #pinteresthacks

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Help Get Your Content Found Find out what content is ranking already on Pinterest’s analytics #pinteresthacks

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Help Get Your Content Found Look at Tailwind’s word clouds to see what users are saying when they pin your content #pinteresthacks

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Help Get Your Content Found Hashtags - useful, but not supported by Pinterest in search #pinteresthacks

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More on Hashtags Two things to know on Hashtags - Could lead to being found on category pages, but could also lead your competitor if the hashtag is too generic Hashtags are only clickable in your Pin description # #pinteresthacks

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#2 Reuse viral content from other platforms/accounts Find viral content on PostPlanner, repost on Pinterest. #pinteresthacks

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Create new images for your own viral content #pinteresthacks

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#3 Embed Boards Highlight popular pins on your website or blog #pinteresthacks

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Add “Pin It” Button #pinteresthacks

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#4 Work with influential users in your industry #pinteresthacks

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Where to Find Influencers #pinteresthacks

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Where to Find Influencers #pinteresthacks

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How to Engage Influencers #pinteresthacks

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#5 Cross promote on other social networks to expand reach #pinteresthacks

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Facebook #pinteresthacks

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Twitter #pinteresthacks

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Google+ #pinteresthacks

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Pin content from your website and Instagram account to cross-promote. #pinteresthacks

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#6 Include in newsletter Highlight popular pins or one board in particular. #pinteresthacks

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Examples #pinteresthacks

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Examples #pinteresthacks

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#7 Follow the right people Type in relevant keywords, find people, follow. #pinteresthacks

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Tip: Don’t do this too often or Pinterest could flag your account. There is no magic number, but 300 is limit based on testing. Stick with 50-100 relevant pinners to stay away from seeming spammy. #pinteresthacks

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#8 Run a Contest #pinteresthacks

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#8 Run a Contest No “Pin to Win” style contests Don’t require a minimum number of pins Be careful with Pinterest’s branding #pinteresthacks A great contest is a creative contest

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#9 Pin regularly, pin around the clock #pinteresthacks

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Why? Not everyone is online at the same time. #pinteresthacks

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Get Started Today With our *scientifically proven* Viral Content, you will triple your Likes, Shares, Follows and Clicks! #pinteresthacks

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Get Started Today 30% off Love annual $- that’s 5 per month billed annually! Coupon: MYLOVETW http://bit.ly/postplannerpins #pinteresthacks

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Get Smart About Your Pins #pinteresthacks Save 30% off annual Plus Plans or 30% off your first 3 months! http://bit.ly/PinHack

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Get Smart About Your Pins #pinteresthacks

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Join Us Next Time - June 8th at 10am PT | 1pm ET Pinterest for Profit How to use Pinterest to connect with your target market (how to find people looking for your product/service) How to create content your audience cares about (identify what you have now and how to position it for maximum Pinterest exposure) Steps to create a reliable stream of traffic to your website and blog Why (and how) you must leverage other social channels to boost channel awareness #pinteresthacks