5 Tips for Winning Mobile Campaigns

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About our Special Guests: Performics

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AdRoll Presenter: Ryan Eidson

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A Global Performance Marketing Network built for the relentless pursuit of results

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Publicis Groupe is the world’s third largest communications group and second largest media counsel and buying group. Zenith Optimedia is a global media services network with a rigorous focus around ROI. Performics is the performance marketing specialist within Publicis Groupe. Performics

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The Current State of Mobile

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Factors driving dollars to mobile programmatic: Cross-device advertising Non-cookie-based tracking methods Over Half of 2015 Programmatic Dollars to Go to Mobile v. Desktop

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Mobile Social Projected to Grow

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Fractured & Complicated Mobile Social Landscape

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Mobile Is a Touchpoint, Not a Channel

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Mobile – It is an ad type!

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Consumers Want Info on Their Terms Sources: Forrester, Google

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Mobile Challenges

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Top Mobile Challenges

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Limited cookie allowance for 3rd party i.e. DFA/Medialets Technology integrations on the client side are pushing to first party cookies due to issues on mobile ad tracking and user privacy Where Cookies Go to Die

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Overcoming Targeting Complexity

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How to Plan a Successful Mobile Campaign

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Focus on Strategy, Customer Planning & Tech to Make Cross-Channel a Reality Econsultancy Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2014

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Participant Considerations

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Planning Considerations

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Trafficking Best Practices

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Attribution and Measurement Best Practices

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Innovative Capabilities

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Tying it Together – Mobile Payment and Beacon

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Presence Zones

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Thank You!

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