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Discover the top ways brands and communicators can leverage influencer marketing to reach their business goals. HOW TO BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INFLUENCER MARKETING

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How do we seed the necessary PR buzz and generate initial interest in a newly released product or service? 1. Define The Conversation Define the terms your customers would use in an online conversation about your industry and/or product category. 2. Identify The Influencers Listen to the conversation online and identify who is engaging in the discussion. 3. Engage With A Compelling Offer Contact and engage the key individuals who can amplify your message with a compelling offer that adds value and helps you earn their attention. 4. Monitor Campaign Growth Monitor the spread of your message throughout influencer networks as your campaign rolls out to measure the success of your amplification. LAUNCH A PRODUCT

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How can we drive more attendance and extend the community before, during, and after the event itself? 1. Identify Keywords & Search Terms Use the event vocabulary such as conference tracks or event market themes to identify the targeted conversation. 2. Identify Influencers By Theme & Geography Using the information learned, identify key influencers interested in the type of event who will help you spread the message. By using geographic targeting, zero in on those people nearest to the event venue who may even attend themselves. 3. Implement A Referral Campaign Raise awareness of your event among influencers and create special offers specifically for their audience to help drive registrations or ticket sales. 4. Engage Real-Time Promotions During Event To further drive community participation and engagement, implement real-time promotions during the event that utilize social media for amplification. PROMOTE AN EVENT

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How do we boost our “share of voice” and get more brand mentions on social media? 1. Identify The Right Discussions Identify the audience and conversations where your brand should be noticed and discussed. 2. Define Targeted Influencer Database Think about the larger discussions in which your brand should be participating. These can be things like current news, community involvement, and any other PR-worthy items. Identify key players in those discussions who should be allied with your brand. 3. Introduce Your Brand To Influencers Contact those key influencer targets and work to build relationships by directly engaging them in conversations. Work to activate their participation and amplification of your message. Reward them for helping you meet your goals. 4. Monitor Social Discussions For Brand Mention Monitor your brand online for new mentions and sentiment, along with your ability to garner a greater share of the influencer's voice. Launch targeted promotions and activate audiences deeper in the network based on exposure and engagement. BUILD BRAND AWARENESS

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How do we find early adopters of a new product or service to jump start activation? 1. Identify Your Target Customer Personas Start with your customer personas and their major interest areas. Use these interests to create lists of potential users who might adopt your product and broadcast their opinions. 2. Recruit Influencers Into Beta Program Invite influencers to engage in a beta program where they can test the new product and provide feedback. Be sure to give participants a way to contribute in how the product is designed and released. 3. Solicit Influencer User Feedback Respond to influencer user feedback while sharing it with your team. Be sure to acknowledge actively engaged influencers by letting them know how their contribution has been heard and/or acted upon. 4. Proactively Monitor And Engage Discussions Stay on top of the discussions and be sure to assist any influencer engagement with their connected network as the opportunity or need arises. ACCELERATE USER ADOPTION

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How can we help key influencers and other potential advocates connect with each other on a regular basis? 1. Identify The Common Attributes Of Each Find the common attributes among your market influencers and advocates. 2. Learn What Motivates Your Market Listen and observe your market to better understand what motivates them as customers, advocates, and influencers. 3. Create A Centralized Place For Engagement Create an invite-only forum or group and invite direct participation of like-minded influencers and advocates. Keep the community personal and small until it reaches critical mass, then open it up for wider audiences. 4. Connect With Community Members Directly engage with active influencers on a personal level in addition to the group discussion in the community. 5. Listen And Engage Appropriately Follow your influencers and the conversation so that you may engage and contribute to the organic discussion as the opportunity may present itself. BUILD A COMMUNITY

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How can we work with partners to co-create new promotions and content? 1. Define Topics Use your marketing assets and content to help identify specific topic areas. 2. Identify Progressive Influencers Examine your influencer database to find people who could help become content partners. Even people with disagreeing opinions or attitudes could ultimately become unique, interesting content partners in your market. 3. Match Influencer Passions Review your targeted influencers’ content to find those who are already passionate about topics relating to your campaign. 4. Engage With Influencers Reach out to those influencers who could be potential partners with a compelling offer to participate in content opportunities along with you. Things like interviewing them for a webinar or co-writing a white paper can be interesting ways to connect with their audience and activate their followers. DEVELOP PARTNER CHANNELS

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How do we create new sales leads? 1. Define Your Best Customer Profile Identify the attributes of your best target customer profiles and target that type of buyer as most likely to respond to a promotion or campaign in your market. 2. Engage Your Market Send your message to those targeted customer profiles and give them a promotional opportunity to activate them as a potential customer lead. 3. Amplify Your Offer Provide further incentives as a follow-up promotion for activated prospects to then share the incentive to their own social networks. 4. Nurture The Database Continue to provide educational content and additional promotional offers to convert those suspected opportunities into activated, qualified prospects for new sales. GENERATE NEW SALES LEADS

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How do we become the trusted go-to source for information in our respective vertical market? 1. Develop Your Content Site & Channels Build your market-specific website and respective social media channels. Listen to the market to determine topics and conversations of relevance to your market. 2. Publish Relevant Content Curate and create content that focuses on those specific conversations and topics shown to be relevant and engaging to key influencers in your market. 3. Build Database Leverage the content strategy to drive active subscriptions into your social CRM and email subscriber database. 4. Promote Content To Database While the temptation is to only promote offers to the database, become the trusted advisor by regularly promoting content to your databases. Drive traffic back to your content site by publishing teaser content with a link back to the full article or video on the site. BUILD MEDIA CHANNELS

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