15 Content Marketing Ideas to Attract First Users to Your SaaS Product

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Oh I bet you know how it feels:

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You finished your product, put it for the world to see and first users slowly begin signing up for it.

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But it’s tough since hardly anyone knows about your product …

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I’m sure you’ve heard this before: “If you want to attract users to your product, you need to publish REALLY useful content.”

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So what content should you create (and where to post it) to get users swarm to your app?

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This! A Mammoth Blog Post Influencer Roundup Expert Interview Free Resource Slideshare Presentation Email Course Guest Post Landing Page Webinar Guide Case Study Udemy Course Infographic Animated Gif / Meme Niche Blog Post

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#1 A Mammoth Blog Post

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#1 A Mammoth Blog Post Fact: These 2000+ words long posts draw the audience like crazy. Packed with advice, resources and examples, they catch the audience’s attention and also, help confirm your expertise and establish authority. Examples: Neuromarketing Post - Coschedule List Building Tips - Backlinko Where to post: Your site (and promote the h*ll out of it)

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#2 Influencer Roundup

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#2 Influencer Roundup Collecting a number of expert advices on a particular topic is a surefire way to generate awareness of your site, drive relevant traffic but also, show that you know the right people. Examples: Scarriest SEO Stories Roundup - Ahrefs The Value of SEO Roundup - SERPs Where to post: Your site (and promote the h*ll out of it)

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#3 Expert Interview

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#3 Expert Interview This is another way to use the power of influencer marketing to attract users. Reach out your industry’s top influencers and include them in a Q&A post on your site to drive relevant traffic. Note: When choosing whom to interview, consider whom your audience follows or identifies with. Examples: Paddy Moogan Interview Julie Joyce Interview Where to post: Your Site

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#4 Free Resource

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#4 Free Resource Free resources are a relatively easy way to start getting the word out on your brand. They also help convince users who evaluate available alternatives to your offering. Not to mention that they attract links, build email list and leverage your expertise. Examples: Linking Outside the Box - BuzzStream Where to post: Make it downloadable from your site

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#5 Slideshare Presentation

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#5 Slideshare Presentation There are just too many benefits of using Slideshare to promote a SaaS product: It helps to drive traffic, rank in Google, grow followers, generate leads and builds brand awareness. You can repurpose almost any content into a presentation and start driving traffic to the site. Examples: Legal and Ethical Aspects of Blogging – SEMrush Using Contests to Build Links - SERPs Where to post: Slideshare.net

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#6 Email Course

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#6 Email Course B2B audiences want to be educated. They want content that will provide them with the information they lack and need. Offering an email course is a great way to build loyalty and trust and position you as someone who’d go out of their way to offer help and advice. Examples: Double Your Traffic in 30 Days Course - QuickSprout Where to post: Offer it to visitors on your site via popup and sidebar banner.

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#7 Guest Post

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#7 Guest Post Guest posting isn’t dead. If done well, offering advice on your industry’s authority sites gives you a chance for an exposure to a wide and highly relevant audience. Examples: Leo Widrich Post Where to post: Offer it to visitors on your site via popup and sidebar banner.

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#8 Landing Page

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#8 Landing Page Quite often your visitors don’t need to see every feature you offer to sign up. They have a specific problem and want you to convince them your product could solve it. That’s why landing pages targeting specific user needs are so effective. Examples: Less Accounting Landing Page Where to post: Offer it to visitors on your site via popup and sidebar banner.

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#9 Webinar

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#9 Webinar Webinars are a powerful marketing tool. They attract new audience, provide the final selling point to people still considering buying from you, grow your email list and often increase sales (i.e. Buzzsumo achieves 20% attendee to paying customer conversion rate). Examples: Wordstream & Buzzsumo Webinar Where to post: Announce on your site and social media, provide link to the webinar on your site and the same with recap.

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#10 The Ultimate Guide

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#10 The Ultimate Guide This content type comes handy in two scenarios: When you’re looking to attract social media traffic and, Looking to rank your site for a relatively competitive keyword. Ultimate guides attract the audience but also, given their size and depth of information, they tend to achieve higher search engine rankings. Examples: Backlinko’s Guide to Keyword Research Quicksprout’s Guide to Content Markerting Where to post: Your Site.

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#11 Case Study

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#11 Case Study Fact: Some users will need some final convincing before buying from you. They’ll want to find out if your culture aligns with theirs and whether your solution really helps others. Case studies allow to provide all that information in one place. Examples: The Guestographic Case Study - Backlinko Where to post: Your Site.

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#12 Udemy Course

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#12 Udemy Course Credibility is key to attracting and convincing first users to try your product. And teaching a class is one of the most powerful ways to boost your credibility and leverage yourself as an influencer. Udemy, with its massive reach is the best place to load your course in to reach a mass market. Examples: SimplyMeasured’s Course Where to post: Udemy.com

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#13 Infographic

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#13 Infographic Infographics are eye-catching, easy to scan, embeddable and simple to share. A good infographic can spread through the Internet, be it via social media or by being embedded on other blogs, raising awareness of your brand and product. Examples: Kissmetrics’ Infographics Where to post: Your site but reach out to other sites in your industry notifying them about it.

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#14 Meme / Animated Gif

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#14 Meme / Animated Gif Be it a simple clip to make the audience laugh or teach them how to use your app, short, animated GIFs are an ideal way to beef up your early onboarding process. They’re catchy and viral, often standing out from tons of other marketing content. Examples: Hubspot Memes Where to post: Your blog and various social media sites.

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#15 Niche Specific Blog Posts

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#15 Niche Specific Blog Post I’m sure you noticed: almost every startup has a blog. But only those that focus on creating a resource that will improve their potential users’ lives succeed in onboarding users through this tactic. Examples: Quicksprout Blog AdEspresso Blog Where to post: Your blog and various social media sites.

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So now….

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Do you want to unlock the power of content marketing for your SaaS product?

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Do you want to unlock the power of content marketing for your SaaS product? *Yes!*

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Get in touch and I’ll help you create content that will get users swarm to your product. Pawel Grabowski – The SaaS Copywriter & Content Marketing Consultant Smashing Copy - http://smashingcopy.com

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Thank you.