The Five Factors of Data Driven Content Marketing #AdHacks #BingAds

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The Five Factors of Data Driven Content Marketing #AdHacks #BingAds

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In an ever fragmenting media world with an abundance of information and a lack of attention, the question to ask yourself in the transforming world of business is: “How Do I Become Part of a Customer’s Day, Every Day?”

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Your Business Objectives: Brand Awareness Getting people to know who you are Getting people to know about your product Getting people re-acclimated toward your product Visits to your Owned Channels Paid social ads generate awareness, search advertising captures intent Run Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter advertising for biggest lift Social Discussion Around a Topic Is your content getting people to talk about a subject? Is it getting people to share a piece of content you created?

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Activities They Participate in Brands They Purchase Politics Psychography Netnography Profession Job Title Industry Interests Age Range Geographical Location Languages Spoken Gender Education Salary Devices They Use Entertainment They Enjoy What is the Science of Your Customer? How Do I Craft My Content Based on My Customer?

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Search and Social Data Creative Insights Trending Topics Social CRM Use the 5 Factors of Data Driven Content Marketing Distribution

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The KPIs of Content Marketing Real time and content marketing use KPIs like social media metrics and web traffic to measure success. This is when social media distribution is used as a sole distribution strategy. When search and social are used in conjunction, KPIs like sales and Return on Investment (ROI) can be factored into your equation.

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Key Area Lifts from Content Marketing

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Algorithms Shift Content Marketing: Best Practices Facebook and Twitter are closing their APIs more to third parties Limited data to inform the future Quantity doesn’t equal quality Scale makes it hard to identify advocates Organic reach is limited by social algorithms Know where your org has authority Map out a content and asset production plan Focus your content marketing in these areas Don’t be afraid to take a stand Create original content only Serve to customers at the contextually appropriate time Use the 4-1-1 rule: 4 pieces of entertaining/educational content, 1 piece of promo content, 1 piece of equity content. Short form, long form, visual, video

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Inspiration, Education, Entertainment Content Marketing: Questions to Answer When Planning Thought Leadership Content Tailored to Their Role, Not a Product Interesting facts they can use right now Demonstrate leading edge web design and interface Content that shows, doesn’t tell – video, infographics, webinars What Content Did I Create for My Audience? How Will I Track Measurement? Relevant, focused content Sprinkled with evergreen so it remains timeless Easy to share or find via search! Web analytics Social engagement rate Website based remarketing (AdWords/Bing Ads)

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