How to Build a Personal Brand Online

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How to Build a Personal Brand Online Mel Carson – Delightful Communications - @MelCarson

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Great Example of Someone Who’s Out of Touch

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And Get’s Even More Out of Touch

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A Little Background….

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What We’ll Talk About Today……

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Showing Up for Your Company Just 15% of people trust brand messages. 90% of people will trust the opinion of a peer, friend or family member. Overlap between brand’s followers and employees is just 8%.

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Ultimate Goals for Brand You!

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What is a Brand?

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Defining Brand, Seth Godin A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. If the consumer doesn’t pay a premium, make a selection or spread the word, then no brand value exists for that consumer. “ “

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Brand is Experience!

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Brand is Experience!

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Brand is Experience!

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Brand is Experience!

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What and Why Personal Branding?

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27% of Time on Social Media Source: Experian Marketing Services c

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Bonfires = Social/Community

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Fireworks = PR/Events

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Personal Brand Sweet Spot

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Elements for Success

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Source: Rand Fishkin, Moz.com Think Inbound Marketing INBOUND MARKETING SEO Email Research/White Papers Infographics Social Networks Webinars Document Sharing Word of mouth Podcasting Q+A sites Direct/Referring Links Social Bookmarking Forums Online Video Blogging News/Media/PR Inbound marketing tactics amplify the brand and generate exposure through ensuring useful and relevant content is discoverable and shareable.

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Integrated Personal/Company Brand Approach

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Action – Start Architecting Your Personal Brand

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My Book: Pioneers of Digital

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Action 1 5 IN 5 ABOUT YOU

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Think about your educational background. How did you get into your niche? What are your professional passions? What do you find hard? Where would you like to be in 3 year’s time?

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To educate and inspire the business community to do meaningful and enduring work using digital media (both on and offline) with tenacity, curiosity and good humor. My Professional Purpose

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In one sentence, sum up your professional purpose!

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Focusing on helping businesses and individuals achieve success through enduring social media, digital PR and personal branding strategies, my 14 years online advertising industry experience and 7 years at Microsoft as their Digital Marketing Evangelist, enables me to provide counsel to my clients that is truly relevant, robust and real-time. Always striving to keep pace with the ever-changing nature of digital media and technology, I aim to improve my clients’ competitive position through partnership, tenacity and accountability. My Personal Branding Statement

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In no more than three sentences, sum up your professional you!

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Online Personal Branding Strategies

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Online Personal Branding Tactics

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The Science of Great Content = AURA The DNA of successful and enduring digital content has FOUR main elements: AUTHENTIC RELEVANT ACTIONABLE USEFUL

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USE IMAGES USE VIDEO INCLUDE LINKS BE TWEETABLE Multimedia Drives Reach & Engagement Add multimedia elements to your blog posts and articles to increase reach, engagement, shares & views. Source: PR Newswire

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Well Thought Out Tweet

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Always fancied a “wee dram” on a beautiful Scottish Island filled with coastal walks and magnificent wildlife? Leave your rental car keys behind on this tour of 8 of Scotland’s finest whiskey distilleries. “Like” and we’ll do a little jig! Well Thought Out Facebook Update

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Encourage Channel Hopping Link Content and Channels

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Online Personal Branding Checklist

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Online Personal Branding Checklist

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Recommend a new photo as an avatar for cross-social channel use too! Optimize Offline Image Successfully wear your Personal Brand in person as well as share it on digital platforms. Make what you say the focus, not how badly you dress!

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Success Measurement

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Success Measurement

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Success Measurement

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Success Measurement

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Success Measurement

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Next Steps 1) Actions > 5 in 5, Professional Purpose & Personal Branding Statement 2) Revisit LinkedIn and other social profiles to make them more discoverable, sharable & memorable 3) Have fun and good luck…

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Thank you! MEL@DelightfulCommunications.com @MELCARSON

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Delightful’s Credentials 15 years of global integrated marketing/digital PR experience Speaker, blogger and published author Former Microsoft Digital Marketing Evangelist. Early-adopter who helped spearhead Microsoft’s foray into Social Media & Digital PR back in 2006 Has spoken about digital, search and social advertising and marketing at over a hundred conferences around the world Ran event social media strategy and execution at 4 Cannes Lions and 3 Advertising Week NYC events generating over 3m earned media impressions and engagements Fun Fact: Played the “Young Joe Cocker” in the music video “N’Oubliez Jamais” alongside French cinema icon Catherine Deneuve Mel Carson is Delightful Communication’s Founder: