The Marketers Guide to Growth Spurts.

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The Marketers Guide to Growth Spurts. Kieran Flanagan, Marketing Director (EMEA) @ HubSpot @searchbrat kflanaganhubspot.com

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Do good things really come in small packages?

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Sometimes the answer is - YES

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But there are times when big is better.

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That’s my kind of water slide!

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For marketers focused on growth, both the opportunities and challenges have never been greater.

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It’s a lot like money

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Making your first million is the hardest (so I hear)

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Once you’ve an established audience it’s a lot easier to make new things successful.

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#5 iTunes Podcast - Business

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So, let’s talk about GROWTH

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Marketer’s Guide to Growth Spurts

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As a marketer your goal should always begin with,

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who is your dream customer?

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And what problem does your service or product solve?

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Slack is one of the fastest growing B2B companies of all time.

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They’re growing FAST

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With a goal to solve the problem of information overload in the office.

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Most knowledge workers lose 28% of their day or 2.1 hours to constant interruptions ?

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Slack’s customers don’t know a solution exists.

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“ ” Our job is to understand what people think they want and translate the value of Slack into their terms @Stewart, Co Founder of Slack

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Uber is valued at $41 billion, and is still a privately owned company.

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Their goal was to simply transform the experience of getting a taxi.

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They started by giving free taxi rides at tech conferences in San Francisco.

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The experience was so good that word spread.

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In HubSpot, our goal is to help marketing and sales grow their business.

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We’re obsessed with solving our customers’ goals & challenges.

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It has helped us to grow pretty fast as well.

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“ Growth spurts happen when you understand the goal of your product/service and educate your ideal customer on how it solves their problems . ” @Searchbrat

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You need to focus on the right targets

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Small marketing teams usually try to focus on too many targets at once.

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Get Visitors Get Leads Get SQLs Customers They will try to work on all of these. Visit to Lead % Lead to SQL % SQL to Customer %

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When HubSpot launch in new countries our initial focus is traffic & subscribers.

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It helps us focus on the right targets as we scale.

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Big marketing teams usually spend too much time on “best practice” and “strategy”.

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Get Visitors Get Leads Get SQLs Customers Instead of executing against measurable targets. Visit to Lead % Lead to SQL % SQLto Customer %

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“ Growth spurts need constant execution against measurable targets. ” @Searchbrat

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Marketers Guide to Growth Spurts

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Here is a dirty little secret …

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… not everything a marketer does will work.

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And sometimes what works surprises us

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But we can stack the cards in our favour by validating ideas before they ever go live.

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Subbuteo first promoted their game in boys own magazine in 1946.

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The game didn’t exist, but they still got 2,000 orders.

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Today, it has never been so easy for marketers to validate their ideas.

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Easily find out who your competitors are.

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Find both common and uncommon keywords you can target.

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Find organic keywords that are generating traffic for your competitors.

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What content from your competitors is attracting inbound links?

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Ahrefs can show you both inbound links and social shares.

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Buzzsumo shows you a lot of insights about your competitors’ content.

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Gather insights on what you can start publishing to acquire an audience.

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Marketers Guide to Growth Spurts

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It means they’ve f**ked up a lot.

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Run brainstorm sessions using Google docs to gather ideas from insights.

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30 minute brainstorms with everyone set to anonymous.

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Improve on content that’s already performed well for your competitors.

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You can improve by: Making it longer Making more in depth Making a lot more actionable

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When you’re small it’s worth syndicating content to larger audiences.

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We all know the story of Bufferapp

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But Groovehq have proven this model works as well.

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Use insights to discover what their audience will like.

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Convert that traffic into subscribers.

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When you’re bigger other people will want to post for you.

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Use Buzzsumo to find authors who get shared a lot.

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Leverage the art of “chunking”.

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In NLP ‘chunking up’ refers to moving to a more general or abstract piece of information, ‘chunking down’ means moving to a more specific (niche) or detailed information. They help you think laterally fast.

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Movoto used chunking to grow their blog from 2,000 to 18,000,000 monthly visits.

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Marketers Guide to Growth Spurts

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Promotion could be its own deck ? http://slidesha.re/1te7Xkj ?

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Here comes the quick fire round ..

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Use Snip.ly to steal borrow other peoples content for your own gain

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Find trending content in your industry

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Share it and send traffic back to your site

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Create a social calendar based on when your social followers are most active.

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Followerwonk can find the times your Twitter followers are most active.

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Use Facebook insights to find days and times your fans are most active.

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Timings+ even lets you get this information for Google+

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Use Bufferapp to create a social calendar based on these findings

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Content amplification through paid channels will help extend your reach

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For paid Twitter ads: Visuals in Tweets have 5x engagement Stats get 17% more Retweets Quotes get 19% more Retweets

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These are real people actually sharing our “paid ad”

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Facebook has a lot of targeting options. You need to invest a lot of time & effort Test different ad placements & formats Test different audiences to target Yes, that’s a whole lot of testing ?

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Certain Facebook ads are better for content amplification. Right-Hand Column Low performance & price. Good for retargeting.

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Certain Facebook ads are better for content amplification. News Feed Highest CTR & Engagement. Far better ad type for content amplification as it can generate additional organic results.

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Custom Audiences allow you to get more granular with your targeting.

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On LinkedIn keep your target audience really tight. Clicks are costly so narrow down your audience Create 8 sets of ads and continually refresh them Like Facebook, keep testing ads & targeting

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Keep targeting really tight on LinkedIn; your cost per click tends to be higher.

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LinkedIn accounts for 64% of all corporate websites’ traffic that comes via social media

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There are 200 conversations taking place per minute in LinkedIn groups. Great opportunity to share your content.

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Remember we made this content 100 times better.

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Who linked to and shared the original piece of content?

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When you have an audience promotion becomes a lot easier.

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Use successful content to promote future content.

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Use successful content to promote future content.

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To help you make good decisions on where to cross promote.

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Now go forth and GROW!

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Get in Contact. Twitter: @searchbrat LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kieranjflanagan Google+: Search for “Kieran Flanagan: