Social Media Campaigns American Fashion Retailers March – April 2015

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Social Media Campaigns American Fashion Retailers March – April 2015

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Importance of Social Media Campaigns With the summer season around the corner, retailers have lined up new collections to woo their customers. This report discusses about the best social media campaigns put across by few of the American Fashion Retailers and how far their campaigns have been successful.

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Michael Kors’s Campaign - #JetSetGo

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Campaign for Jet Set Go 6 Collection The campaign took off with sending supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge to Rio De Janeiro This was to advertise the new shoe collection by Michael Kors which is a part of the Jet Set Go 6 collections.

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Performance of #JetSetGo on Social Media

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Victoria’s Secret Campaign - #CALLMEFABULOUS

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Campaign for Fabulous Lingerie and Fragrance This campaign is for the new range of lingerie and fragrance by Victoria’s Secret. It features supermodel Behati Prinsloo. The buzz around the campaign started from 23rd March 2015 when the first video.

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Social Media Performance of #CallMeFabulous

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Urban Outfitter campaign - #UOLive

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Campaign Through Live Concerts UOLive tags the new live performances which are uploaded on UOTV, their official YouTube channel. Music Monday posts 5 new songs every Monday as a fresh start to a new week Tumbler Tuesday talks about the up coming artists and photographers on their blog Wednesday Watch dedicates to shopping and checking out the collection at Urban Outfitters Thursday Tip-off dedicates this day for summer skin tips day showcasing different skin range Friday Downloads This includes music releases and events on the weekend Urban Outfitters have a separate theme for each day of the week where the social media users and customers can connect with Urban Outfitters.

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Social Media Performance of #UOLive Father John Misty’s video received the maximum views.

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Nordstrom Campaign – #NordstromPop

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Campaign for new Magic Hour POP IN stores In this campaign, customers get to design their own shirts with the help of Nordstrom designer Shawn Serwan. Also a new section (Pop In Stores) was introduced named Magic Hour The Magic Hour festival is currently going on from March 20 to April 19 2015

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Social Media Performance of Pop-In@Nordstrom

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Levi’s Campaign - #501CT and #LevisContest

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Campaign for New 501CT Jeans collection The launch was accompanied by a campaign on Instagram where people need to post an image of themselves wearing the 501 CT jeans and tag it with #501 and #lookbookparty The contest winners get a 2 day trip to Sao Paolo, Toronto or New York City. The contest will continue till 30th April 2015

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Social Media Performance of #501CT

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