7 Tips for Social Media Community Managers

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7 Tips for Social Media Community Managers By Alireza Ajam

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1. Don’t Plan Too Far Away! Trends will change! Be relevant to your industry trends! Read all you can about your industry and observe your competition.

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2. Tracking Numbers! Is your network Growing? or Falling? Generate up to date statistical Reports!

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3. Be a Community Advocate! Simply stop marketing self-promotion! Start loving your brand and creating Value!

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4. Engagement is the Key! Ask questions! Polls! Include Games! E.g. Ask followers to share their favourite story about your brand for a chance to win a free product or subscription from your brand!

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5. Be Conversational! You are not a Radio, TV or Magazine! Start a conversation! E.g. ask your followers to provide advice, content ideas, or just a general question like “What are your plans for the weekend?”

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6. Identify Your Advocates and Influencers! Let them know you are listening! Feature them and let your customers do the marketing for you!

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7. Learn from your community! Ask about your product and see what people say about you!

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But… Do you have the right tool? And finally… Make use of social media listening and monitoring tools to improve your social media activities and get the most out of it!

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By Alireza Ajam Social Media Consultant Sales and Marketing Executive @SoDash Let Us Help You to Turn Your Customers into Your Marketers!