Is it possible to tweet your way into a job?

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Is it possible to tweet your way into a job?

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Five tips to turn your microblogs into ‘hire me’ statements.

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1. Create the right impression

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Pay attention to your profile photo and background image – this is a representation of you – and don’t forget to add links to your LinkedIn profile and any other professional blogs or online content.

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2. Network

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Networking on twitter begins with a simple click of the ‘follow’ button. Start following the companies and people you’d like to work for.

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3. Don’t sit on the sideline, join in.

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Don’t just retweet; create your own content as a way to share your insights and join in the conversations by using hashtags.

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4. Be proactive

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Got something you want to share? Think of your tweet as a news headline to entice potential future employers to click through. Make sure to include a link to an online location where they will be able to read more about your work. And if they are not following you, tag them. Just don’t do it too often.

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5. Make the first move

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If you’ve been interacting with a potential employer over twitter for some time, be bold and invite them to take the conversation offline. You never know, this chat could lead to an interview now or in the future.

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