Holy Crap! You Can Get Fired for Social Media Posts?

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Holy Crap! You Can Get Fired for Social Media Posts? Personal Branding in a Social, Mobile, Digital World

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Anthony Weiner Resigned From Congress… Due to inappropriate Tweets How Can You Maintain A Good Reputation Online?

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“39% of employers use social networking to research job candidates”

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“43% have found info factored into their decision not to hire a candidate”

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“19% have found info that influenced their decision to hire a candidate”

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“70% have rejected candidates based on online reputation”

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“Only 7% of Americans believe online reputation affects job search.”

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States with Social Media Laws

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Hi, I’m @EricTTung Social Media Manager @ BMC Univ. Texas 05 Graduate 7 Years in Social 145,000 Twitter followers Forbes #33 Social Media Influencer

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So, How did I get here today?

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The year was 1994

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This was a cool album.

Слайд 13

This was a new car.

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This was probably most of you.

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And this was the internet.

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1999, My First Website

Слайд 17

2005, Facebook

Слайд 18

2008, Twitter

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2008, GDF SUEZ Marketing Communications Telemarketing Promo Products Trade Shows Newsletters Google Ads Social Media

Слайд 20

2011, Social Media Specialist

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2012, Social Media Manager

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What We’re Noodlin’ 1. Social Media is Huge. 2. Online Reputation Oops. 3. Online Reputation for Jobs. 4. How to Fix Your Social. Facebook Privacy Settings 5. Extra Stuff You Should Do.

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Social Media is HUGE

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Social Networking is HUGE. World Populations China 1,360M India 1,241M 1,060M 560M 400M USA 317M Indonesia 249M 240M Brazil 201M Pakistan 185M Nigeria 173M 150M

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25 million brands have facebook pages

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2.6 million brands have LinkedIn Company Pages

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Facebook users share 4,750,000,000 pieces of content daily.

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In a Single Day. 16 Years of Video 40 million photos 500 million Tweets

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27% of Time Online is on Social. More than any other category.

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1 in 3 marriages in 2013 started online.

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The media landscape is changing…

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Francis vs. Benedict:

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Bush ‘01 Obama ‘13

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Maybe even no more newspapers…

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10% of organizations report an employee who has done something via Social media that damaged its reputation Importance of Social Media

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Be Professional.

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Be Nice. “We do not know the total millions of dollars FedEx pays Ketchum…We are confident however, it is enough to expect a greater level of respect and awareness from someone in your position… A hazard of social networking is people will read what you write.”

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"@calpizzakitchen black button ups are the lamest shit ever!!!."

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Ex NFL Star, Brian Holloway

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Estimated $20,000-$30,000 in Damage

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What You Post Online… Lives Forever.

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Reputation Management for Job Applicants

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Over 90% of companies will use social media for hiring

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Recruiters On Social At All-Time High

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Social Networks Used for Hiring

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86% of Recruiters Likely to Look at Social Profiles

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The Super Socials 86% of jobseekers are on at least one network. 31% are on all three.

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People that found their last job via social..

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28% of Super Socials found their last job on a social network

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19% of all job seekers modify Facebook’s privacy settings 32% of Super Socials do.

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9% of all job seekers have connected with a recruiter on LinkedIn 45% of Super Socials have.

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11% of all job seekers have searched for jobs on Twitter 48% of Super Socials have.

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How to Clean Up Social… (How not to be this guy)

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What Do Recruiters Not Like Seeing?

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Illegal Drug Use -78%

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Sexual Posts -66%

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Profanity -61%

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Spelling/Grammar Errors -54%

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Alcohol Consumption -47%

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YES, 54% of recruiters said poor spelling & grammar were negative.. and only said that photos consuming alcohol were. 47%

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Clean Up Your F’in Language And learn you’re grammar.

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Learn How To Spell

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Religious Posts – 53% Neutral Political Posts – 62% Neutral

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BUT.. That was a survey Try not to be “offensively political or religious”

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Professional Orgs – 80%

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Non-Profit Involvement – 66%

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Does this mean you can never have fun again?

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What You Need to Do Right Now!

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Untag or Secure Your Photos

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Get Rid of Facebook Drama

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Check Out Your Groups

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More Facebook Tips… Ask Friends to Remove content. Contact Facebook to remove content.

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When You Think You’re Done… “View As” Public.

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Update Your Work & Education Info

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Yes, Images Too.

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Check Links for professionalism. Look several pages deep. Remove Pages from Google. (Google “Remove Pages from Google”) Bury The Info. Get more pages that talk about you (LinkedIn, YourName.com, etc). Yourself.

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Yourself. Use Google “Me On The Web”

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”If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.” Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman

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Going the Extra Mile

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Get on LinkedIn. Build Your Network Opportunities Come To You Industry Group Connections Keep Resume Up to Date Read Industry News Get Noticed on Google

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“Your LinkedIn profile is your online identity and should be thought of as the profile you build a reputation from, not your online resume. - @KokaSexton, LinkedIn

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Regularly one of the top 2-3 search results for your name.

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Setting Up The Perfect Profile 1. Your name should only contain your name 2. Catchy headline with keywords you want to be found for 3. Professional Photo 4. Reach at least 501 connections for social proof

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5. Add all relevant contact info. 6. Customize website names 7. Customize your profile URL

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10. Add a video or slideshow using LinkedIn’s new multimedia feature. 8. Use keywords you want to be found for throughout your summary and profile 9. Write in the first person – this is not your resume or CV.

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11. Keyword load your Skills with terms you want to be endorsed for. Use branded terms when available.

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Expand Your Connections Use “People You May Know” on your Home Feed Screen Add your email address to search for personal contacts on LinkedIn.

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Get on #Twitter. Stay on top of news & trends Follow People in your field Develop your Voice/Following Connect with Brands Connect with Celebs

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Setting up the Perfect Twitter Profile 1. Interesting header image 2. Photo, clear, centered. 3. Complete Name, Bio 4. Include Something Fun 5. Location listed 6. Posts regularly

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Find Twitter Connections From Discover tab, click on “Who to follow” to find Twitter users similar to ones you currently follow. From Discover Tab, click on “Find Friends” to connect email address. From mobile app, import contacts to find friends.

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3 Ways To Use Twitter Learning: Utilizing Twitter as a daily news feed of critical and curated information Helping: Adding back to that community with frequent engagement and helpful responses to friends, industry professionals and influencers. Promoting: Promoting your work, of others in the industry.

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Establish a voice. Make connections. Great for Search Engines. Amazing for Job Applications. Blog.

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Show The World You Mean Business. Register Your Domain.

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If You’re Looking For a Job, Get Creative.

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Meet Alec Brownstein In 2010, He was looking for a job…

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He figured that ad execs googled themeslves…

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When they did, the first ad they saw was from Alec.

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Did it work? Targeted: Interviewed: Offers: David Droga Tony Granger Gerry Graf Ian Reichenthal Scott Vitrone David Droga Gerry Graf Ian Reichenthal Scott Vitrone Ian Reichenthal Scott Vitrone

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What You Should Do. Check Facebook Privacy Settings Check Posts, Photos, Profile Google Yourself. Sign up for Twitter, LinkedIn, and your domain. Blog, blog, blog. Provide Value. Be Yourself.

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Thank You! All Networks: EricTTung Web: ericttung.com Email: Eric@EricTTung.com

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