The Long and Short of Content Strategy

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The Long and Short of Content Strategy Michelle Killebrew Program Director Strategy IBM Social Business MKillebrew@us.ibm.com Buddy Scalera SVP, Content Strategy Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Buddy.Scalera@ogilvy.com The Annotated Version!

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About The Annotated Version This presentation was delivered at the Intelligent Content Conference 2015 by Buddy Scalera and Michelle Killebrew This Annotated Version included modifications to prepare it for Slideshare and ebooks Clean, original version available by Michelle Killebrew at: http://www.slideshare.net/MichelleKillebrew Video of Buddy and Michelle presenting this deck is available at: http://www.intelligentcontentconference.com/ Look for these callouts! Buddy Scalera Michelle Killebrew The views expressed in this presentation by the authors do not necessarily reflect the views and position of their employers.

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Michelle Killebrew @ShellKillebrew www.IBM.com Before We Get Started Buddy Scalera @MarketingBuddy www.ochww.com #IntelContent Presented at Intelligent Content Conference 2015 in San Francisco, CA.

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Why Content Strategy? Analyst Richard Fouts noted that “Gartner sees a lot of well-intended marketers dive straight into content marketing’s creative process at the expense of crafting vision and goals (it’s understandable; the creative side of content marketing is more fun).”* Yet, research shows that marketers with a content marketing strategy are 600 percent more likely to be effective.** And Fouts agrees: “Content marketing provides a powerful fuel for all your initiatives. But it happens best when based on a vision and a strategy.” * * Before You Launch Content Marketing, Do This, Gartner Blog, Richard Fouts ** B2B Content Marketing 2014: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs We didn’t present this slide, but it’s included in the Slideshare version.

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Why Storytelling? “As marketing and advertising evolves and gets more digital, people are getting completely overwhelmed with the noise of it all. The story line and narrative is something that in the world that we live in people can resonate with. It’s intrinsic in our human nature for story lines to resonate. So it’s just of way of engaging with people as individuals in a way that they can relate to.” ~ Michelle Killebrew, Social Business Strategy Program Director at IBM We didn’t present this slide, but it’s included in the Slideshare version.

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#Storytelling helps us engage with people in a way they can relate to. @MarketingBuddy @ShellKillebrew #IntelContent People liked these tweetable moments and it helped with the social conversations.

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…lived a woman named Michelle Normal life. Normal job. Life, work, family.

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Then One Day… She had some unexpected hair and nail growth. M Look, we’re telling a story about telling stories. How very meta of us.

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Her User Journey Began... M In this example, we demonstrated how healthcare journeys often start with a search on symptoms.

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Let’s Meet Michelle MICHELLE Age: 37 HHI: $120K Relationship Status: Married with 2 dogs Education: BA Location: San Francisco MICHELLE’STORY I am always on the go. Work and family pressures are constantly pulling me in different direction. I travel a lot for my job, so I don’t always eat right, but I do try to hit the gym. I’m pretty good with my medications, but I sometimes I skip doses, especially when I know I am going to be having a few drinks. I don’t smoke. I have normal seasonal allergies. There’s a family history of multiple sclerosis, stroke, and heart attack, so I see my doctor at least once per year for a normal health checkup. DIGITAL CHANNEL USAGE INFORMATION NEEDS Information support: Starts every day with her news aggregators and social networks, including Facebook Watches little television Keeps up with career-related content through blogs and social media Staying current: Research updates about new and existing products Information about healthy living Passionate about technology Owns one or more mHealth devices and is an Android user COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES FOR LYCANTHRIAN Lack of awareness among age demographic No family history of lycanthropy Generally asymptomatic and easy to ignore Personas should be more than just archetypes built on data. Give your personas names and rich backstories.

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Understand your user. Creating personas is fundamental to your content strategy. @MarketingBuddy @ShellKillebrew #IntelContent

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Archetypical User Journey SEEKER ACTIVE SOLUTION CONSIDERER EVANGELIST Seeking new information Seeking informating in greater depth. Think “C” for Comparison Made a decision. This is your customer. Ready to share a personal success story. We’ve seen many variations on the user journey. Name the stages something you like, but be consistent across your brands and projects.

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Searching Dr. Google Unusual hair and nail growth Fangs, fur, and nails Odd hair growth Teeth and nails growing fast Monthly nail growth Nails and hair in strange places Hair on my chin each month Monthly growth hair & nails How much hair is too much Nails tear through blanket Nails like claws normal M A search engine marketing (SEM) campaign serves ads for the unbranded patient education website.

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Lunar Lycanthropy (aka werewolfism) M Lunar lycanthropy is a made up condition. You don’t have it. This is an unbranded disease-education website. It helps patient seekers to understand the health condition and determine if they need to talk to a doctor. It also helps the patients to become familiar with lexicon of the condition.

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Lycanthrian Branded M If they want to learn more about treatments, patients are given the option to visit a branded site. The site offers deeper, more actionable content resources that will help the patient to prepare for an informed conversation with a healthcare professional.

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Lycanthrian Persona: Full User Journey Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word We can help users get to the right content based on the keywords they enter in Google. If a user enters keywords that reflects a particular stage in their user journey, drive them to the right content on your site.

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Lycanthrian Persona: Full User Journey Hair nail growth Key word Key word Key word Key word Key word Covered in chicken blood Key word Key word Key word Key word Silver jewlery burns Key word Eastern Europe Key word Howling at moon monthly Key word Key word Lycan-thropy Key word werewolf Key word Doctors treat werewolf Key word Key word Key word Lycan-thropy treatment Key word Lycan-thrian Key word Lycan-thrian support Lycanthrian support group M The keywords in yellow show how Michelle is learning about the condition, which results in more specific keywords. Eventually she will see a doctor, be diagnosed, and receive a treatment. Notice how the keywords support her personal-learning journey.

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User Journey: Content Length, Keywords, & Opportunity Content The “right” length of content depends on where your user is in her journey. At some point, after Michelle learns that she may have a health condition and then gets diagnosed, her informational needs will evolve. When Michelle learns that she has lunar lycanthropy, she wants to know as much as possible about her condition. She is seeking longer content.

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User Journey: Content Length, Keywords, & Opportunity Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content M Users who access Active Solution content are probably your actual customers. Serve your customers more effectively with longer content. Weight your analytics to reflect the fact that fewer people will ever make it to this content. Users are filtering out here. They want short content as they determine what they actually need. Many who visit this page will continue their journey in other directions. Non-weighted analytics will make these pages seem popular compared to later-journey pages. Clean, original version available by Michelle Killebrew at: http://www.slideshare.net/MichelleKillebrew

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Appetite for long-form content increases as user journey progresses. @MarketingBuddy @ShellKillebrew #IntelContent

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You Want to Disrupt I’m where I want to be reading the content that is of interest to me. Here. Now. Lunar Lycanthropy M

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Banners Disrupt in a Bad Way In this case, I’m reading about something important to my health. I’m reading about Lunar Lycanthropy. And you want to “disrupt” me by retargeting me with ads for shoes? Um, that’s not how to use disruption. That’s just bad marketing and lazy advertising. Go home. Lunar Lycanthropy M

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When Banners Work Are you promoting something that’s relevant to the content I’m reading? Your banner may be disrupting in a good way. A shoe ad on a fashion website? Sure! A website that shares data about Lunar Lycanthropy? If done gently and with some respect for the patient, it could work. Lunar Lycanthropy M

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Infographics We didn’t include these in the actual presentation. We talked about how users may be interested in informative infographics. These could be served as ads that reflect the place in their user journey. Infographics can also be useful as viral images for Evangelists. We’re getting there. Be patient.

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Your Funnel is Broken 99% ANNOYED 1% SERVICED Banner Ad Budget = 100% The funnel is a relic of old media. We don’t funnel people anymore. In fact, we’d appreciate it if you just stopped saying funnel, unless you’re ordering a funnel cake at the State Fair.

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This is OLD and no Longer Works 99% ANNOYED 1% SERVICED This Is Why We Are Blind to Banners Banners don’t have to be bad. More on this later.

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User Journeys Work 99% ANNOYED 1% SERVICED User journeys work when you serve the right content to the right user at the right time. They consume your content because they want it. Be that content marketer.

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THINK about user experience. #UX @MarketingBuddy @ShellKillebrew #IntelContent

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Social Disruption Okay, so you need to disrupt behavior of users. Got it. Consider the power of social disruption caused by an empowered Evangelist.

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Social is: Context + Proximity Social influence happens at the intersection of Context and Proximity. Contextually, how credible is the person’s recommendation? How close in proximity is that person to you in terms of the recommendation?

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Social Discovery M Brand content designed specifically to be shared by Evangelists in social channels.

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Seeding Disruption: How It’s Done Right It’s authentic and trusted because of Context + Proximity. You can’t pay for it, but you can enable it.

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Make it easy for your advocates to share their stories on #social. @MarketingBuddy @ShellKillebrew #IntelContent

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We call this the “pass under” because the Evangelist is passing your message under the standard user journey to influence a Pre-Seeker. The Pre-Seeker is someone who would be receptive to your message, but may not be actively looking yet. You need to disrupt and propel her to begin a journey.

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The Context + Proximity of the Evangelist moved the Pre-Seeker to begin a journey. A recommendation from an Evangelist can cause a Pre-Seeker to leapfrog over certain stages of the journey. Not all of the stages and not all the time, but it can happen.

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Twitter Facebook Pinterest Google + Lycanthrian © 2013 Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Graphic by Buddy Scalera & Ivan Ruiz Complete Brand Footprint and Ecosystem for Content This all works best when you have a brand ecosystem designed and channel-agnostic content to serve the user journey across multiple platforms and channels.

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Michelle gets help from Lycanthrian. Shares her My Moon Story on Facebook. Friend discovers she also has lunar lycanthropy. Now they go to treatment together. Michelle no longer howls alone. Awwww. M

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Or (How to Use Intelligent Content to Tell Your Story)

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Getting Started Start with the Individual/Person: Develop personas Find Out What They Need: Analyze the user journey, not just your brand ambitions Provide Content that Reflects User Journey: Offer variable-length content depending on the stage Build Your Content With Intelligence: Develop channel-agnostic content Make it Easy to Evangelize: Provide easy tools for your customers to share personal experiences

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Toolbox Resources for Storytellers “Story” by Robert McKee (yeah, it’s a book) IBM White Paper: The content marketing challenge ibm.biz/contentmarketing Toolbox for Storytellers Technology can help address content marketing challenges. The most effective approach is to use a combination that includes: A marketing operations system to manage the physical workflow within the organization ibm.biz/ExperienceOneSolutions An enterprise asset content management system for the physical management, distribution and use of marketing assets ibm.biz/EnterpriseContentManagement A third party content marketing platform that adds automation, allowing marketers to create, reuse, modify and localize content on their own, and provide the ability to deliver dynamic content ibm.biz/25ContentPlatforms

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Michelle Killebrew Program Director Strategy IBM Social Business MKillebrew@us.ibm.com @ShellKillebrew Buddy Scalera SVP, Content Strategy Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Buddy.Scalera@ogilvy.com @MarketingBuddy

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Appendix Useful stuff… We didn’t present this slide, but it’s included in the Slideshare version.

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Special Thanks Thank you to Content Marketing Institute and the Intelligent Content Conference for the opportunity to share this story at ICC 2015. And for all you do to nurture conversation. Joe Kalinowski Pam Kozelka Trey DeGrassi Joe Pulizzi | Robert Rose | Ann Rockley | Scott Abel Andrea Larick Marcia Riefer Johnston Charles Cooper Michelle Linn Laura Riley Kozak Paul Perrotta

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Contributors Concepts, story, and deck created by Buddy Scalera & Michelle Killebrew Deck graphics designed by Ivan Ruiz Infographics designed by Lori Lagitch “Lycanthrian” and “once monthly lunar lycanthropy” created by Buddy Scalera “Lycanthrian” story development by Buddy Scalera & Carrie Baczewski This wasn’t included in the live presentation, but we wanted to acknowledge the people who made this possible. Real people who deserve credit for good work.

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About Michelle Killebrew @ShellKillebrew | www.MichelleKillebrew.com Program Director, Strategy & Solutions for the Social Business division at IBM. She’s a featured columnist for ClickZ digital marketing magazine. Michelle was recently named in the “DMNews 40 Under 40”, ranked among the “Top 25 Women Who Rock Social Media of 2014,” included in the list of “26 Content Marketing Experts to Follow in 2015” and spoke at TEDx University of Nevada, Reno in January 2015.  Michelle is passionate about marketing, especially innovative online marketing strategies that deliver a superior brand experience. She currently leads the go-to-market strategy for IBM Social Business, where her team focuses on messaging and solutions that define social business. Previously, she headed up the worldwide go-to-market and revenue-bearing demand generation campaign strategy for IBM's new Smarter Commerce initiative. Michelle has over 15 years of high-tech marketing and holds a B.S. in Economics from Santa Clara University.

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About Buddy Scalera @MarketingBuddy | www.buddyscalera.com | www.wordspicturesweb.com SVP of Content Strategy at the Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide office in Parsippany, NJ. Buddy is an innovative content creator with 26 years of developing engaging copy, graphics, and more. As a copywriter and editor, Buddy has developed pharmaceutical content for both healthcare professionals and consumers. He has deep experience with website health content, mobile devices, ebooks, and social communities. As a content strategist and technologist, Buddy has worked on all aspects of website development, including video editing, photography, graphic design, and even programming. Buddy has written and edited content for newspapers, websites, promotional videos, CD-ROMs, books, textbooks, journals, comic books, magazines, ebooks, and more. He is the author of 5 published books about creating content and photography. In his free time, he writes comic books and graphic novels. 

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