Live Webinar Harnessing the Power of Full-Funnel Marketing

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http://marketing.linkedin.com/blog/introducing-the-sophisticated-marketers-crash-course-in-full-funnel-marketing/ Download The Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course in Full Funnel Marketing

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Harnessing the Power of Full Funnel Marketing 4

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5 Harnessing the Power of Full Funnel Marketing

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6 Revolutionary Changes in the Buyer’s Journey

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The Rise of Full Funnel Marketing 7

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“The funnel metaphor, at its basic level, is that there are more people that are always starting the process than there are at the buying stage. There are more people who aren’t ready to buy than are ready to buy.” – Michael Brenner, NewsCred 8

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9 The Two-Stage Funnel

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10 10 Full Funnel Marketing is the New 3-Martini Lunch

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11 Upper Funnel Goals Reach Audiences, Build Brand

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12 Lower Funnel Goals Nurture Both Unknown and Known Prospects

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13 Upper Funnel Tactics Content Marketing Display, Broadcast & Print Advertising

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14 Lower Funnel Tactics Search, Email, Display, Content Marketing

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15 Upper Funnel Metrics Brand Recall, Branded Search, Lift in Target Audience Traffic

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16 Lower Funnel Metrics Leads, Cost Per Lead, Web Form Conversions, Revenue Contribution

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17 Attribution Last-Click vs. Algorithmic Attribution

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18 The Hybrid Marketer Goes Full Funnel: Branding, SEO, Content, Email, Technology, Creative, Coding, Analytics

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19 LinkedIn’s Approach to Full Funnel Marketing

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Cetera Financial Group 13% more page visits per visitor 27% more page views per visit $1 million in new business 20

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21 “If you invest in that top of pipeline content, if you invest in these early-stage relationships, you significantly subsidize the acquisition costs of deals not only in the medium future but also well beyond that. There’s an annuity to that: You’re lowering your acquisition costs.” – Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing

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How We Do Full Funnel Marketing

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Agenda Our demand process The marketing funnel Program alignment by stage Measuring success

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QUALIFY & CONVERT CAPTURE LEAD NURTURE & EVALUATE LEAD CLOSE SELL Fast track to sales Accounts converted to Customers, Customers grown Only sales ready leads passed to Sales Team Leads nurtured until they reach a scoring threshold Visitor/prospect information collected Acquisition tactics drive prospects Sales closes Demand Process

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The Marketing Funnel Building awareness, acquiring net new leads Nurturing, creating opportunities Integrated campaigns Cohesive message based on audience segmentation Multiple programs aligned by funnel stages Accelerating pipeline Top Middle Bottom

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Program Alignment

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Upper Funnel Programs: Reaching Our Audience Awareness Display Ads Social Ads Sponsored Events SEM/SEO Net New Leads Social Ads Sponsored Events Content Syndication

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Upper Funnel Programs: Highlights InMails Open Rate: 51% | CTR: 21% 31 event sign ups Sponsored Updates

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Lower Funnel Programs: Nurturing Our Audience Email Nurture +63% Visits per Visitor +275% Actions per Visitor Multi-Channel Nurturing Display Retargeting Social Retargeting

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Lower Funnel Programs: Nurturing Our Audience Online & In Person Events Webcasts Road Shows Executive Dinners 26% Net New Pipeline 50% Influenced Pipeline Best Practices Content aligns to overarching campaign Approachable writing style to in person event invites

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Marketing Metrics

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How We Measure Success Sirius Decisions Waterfall Upper Funnel Inquiries AQLs SALs Lower Funnel SQLs Revenue

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Top 3 Takeaways Identify relevant marketing channels on buyer’s journey Create a cohesive campaign across your programs Benchmark Test Optimize

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