Facebook Video: How Local Business Can Design Ads That Work

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Facebook Video: How Local Business Can Design Ads That Work

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Facebook videos received more than 80% of video all interactions in December 2014! How can local business tap that market?

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Fact The Facebook algorithm currently prioritizes videos to make up 30% of the News Feed http://www.altimetergroup.com/2015/02/why-marketers-cant-ignore-facebook-video-in-2015/

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The secret to  Facebook video ad success? Big brands design videos specifically for Facebook! Lexus created 1,000 ads in a recent campaign!

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Facebook video Ads Play in a user's news feed without sound unless tapped Design the video to achieve your ad's objective without sound (like a silent film!)

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Understand the mindset of the users Feature video ads that are entertaining, emotional, and viral.

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You have 7 seconds To grab your audience. Focus on the opening of the video.

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Trigger positive emotions Positive emotions are found consistently in viral campaigns.

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Ignite a conversation Focus on content that speaks to existing followers – something critical!

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Rely on strong visual cues Brands should be recognized by visual elements in their videos

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Use Facebook's targeting tools Get personal! Take advantage of segmentation to target specific audiences by location, likes, and more.

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Fact 50% of people in the US who visit Facebook daily are watching one video every day http://www.altimetergroup.com/2015/02/why-marketers-cant-ignore-facebook-video-in-2015

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Facebook gets interactions when… Local businesses avoid the "spray-and-pray" approach to designing ads Local businesses show great content that entertains the audience Local businesses avoid over-branding their content

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