A strategic roadmap for Twitter in France

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A strategic roadmap for Twitter in France @TwFrCtryMgr - March 2015

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“Working towards creating a Twitter that everyone in the world can get value from immediately. A Twitter that connects everybody to their world.” Nov 2014 Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 2

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Barings A clear universal mission : Our mission: To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. A need to realise the potential : Revenue growing fast. Losses still significant. Lukewarm user base growth. Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 3

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What can the French market contribute to Twitter? Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 4

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For Twitter, France is still an under-tapped market Mediametrie Mar. 2015 key France numbers: 6.6M unique visitors on Twitter (#47 most visited online group) 47M internet users A younger crowd? (2013 study suggests) A small portion of Twitter’s 288M active users Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 5 France represents a relatively untapped opportunity for Twitter in terms of user base growth potential and activation progression, especially in older and more affluent segments. »

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France is an attractive digital advertising market Digital is now the 2nd media for total investment in front of press. Strong growth potential to be realized when compared with more mature neighbors. Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 6 Source: Observatoire ePub, jan 2015

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France is well positioned for mobile ads Mobile media investment is booming: Fast growth: 77% in 2014 to €407M Social weights 41% of mobile display Social on mobile is growing at 175% to €60M And there is still room to grow. Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 7 Source: Observatoire ePub, jan 2015

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France is well positioned for video ads Video investment is strong in France: Taking a larger share of the digital display pie every year And is over the average worldwide ratio (28% vs 18%) Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 8 Mobile, Video and Social are a great combination and constitute one of the fastest media investment categories. » Source: Observatoire ePub, jan 2015

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With Vine & Periscope Apps, Twitter France is in the right spot Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 9

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A vision for success in France Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 10

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3 areas to address for success Getting the right opinion makers on board Making Twitter a relevant platform for marketing investment Driving new sign-ins and engagement Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 11

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Leaders The Right Leaders Risk : “Skyblog-isation” Opportunity : Pinpointing interests & localizing Opportunity : Leverage 2017 presidential elections Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 12

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The Right Leaders Worth following Making Twitter relevant to users In line with acquiring and engaging a broader audience Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 13

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Risk : “Skyblog-isation” Source: SocialBaker Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 14

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Risk : “Skyblog-isation” Too much football, rap, teenage celebs’ ? Risk of being too anchored / associated with a sub-culture E.G Skyblog (an old French blogging platform notorious for this) Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 15

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Opportunity : pinpointing interests & localising The signup and later discovery processes have to improve to promote more finely targeted Leaders. Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 16

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Opportunity : pinpointing interests & localising Through IP geolocalization, propose the city / local institutions to follow Same with sports teams, performers, representatives, local press… Through navigation/behavior data, propose the right people within a category (Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse) (just national level) (politician of every stripe @MLP_officiel to @nk_m to @JLMelenchon) Point of Arrival Today Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 17

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Opportunity : pinpointing interests & localising Twitter France needs to focus on trendsetting Leaders who attract users in categories which advertisers want to target & influence. Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 18

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Opportunity : pinpointing interests & localising Case in point: the Fashion industry #24 Vogue First and only fashion account in France Top 50 Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 19

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Opportunity : pinpointing interests & localising Case in point: the Fashion industry #20 in Fashion Category UK France VS Number of followers Number of followers (Source: SocialBaker) Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 20

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Opportunity : pinpointing interests & localising Case in point: the Fashion industry Need to make this category more interesting for fashion brands & retailers Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 21 »

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Opportunity : Leverage 2017 presidential elections France has the “cafe culture”: we like to discuss (argue/complain) about politics very overtly at the local bistrot. Twitter can be that place online. Twitter needs to attract and promote the best analysts & satirists VS Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 22

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End of Part #1 And I’m still @TwFrCtryMgr :] Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 23

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Sneak peak of Part #2 Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 24

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Users Need to attract and engage a more senior / affluent target “Their world”: On Facebook, it’s brought to them by their friends. On Twitter? Need to pinpoint interests and personalize to onboard them very rapidly and increase stickiness (back to Leaders discovery issues) Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 25

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Advertisers e-Merchants Local commerce Brands B2B Solution to push quick and easy purchase Leverage Mobile Data + Content Linkedin Leads Accelerator as an inspiration Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 26

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Credits Photo : Reuters Palette This and That by http://www.colourlovers.com/lover/mahumina/ Mar. 2015 @TwFrCtryMgr 27