How Brands Integrate Experts & User Generated Content

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How Brands Integrate Experts & User Generated Content

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700+ Local Contributors 7,500 Destinations 80,000 Expert Recommendations 909,280 Community Topics Fodor’s Travel: America’s Oldest Guidebook Company The Fodor’s name has been synonymous with travel for almost 80 years. Our team of global correspondents offers advice on how to travel smarter through our guidebooks, Fodors.com, eBooks and apps.

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How do you solicit quality UGC?

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Who Did We Ask to Nominate Hotels? Social Followers Fodors.com Readers Forums Users Newsletter Subscribers Editorial Curation

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Attracting + Cultivating Your Audience

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Develop your pool of potential UGC contributors by making targeted audience acquisitions. Result: Outstanding Traveler Recommendations Provide consistent content with a specific point of view to attract users with the same mindset.

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User Generated Content: Collaborators Not Contributors

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How do you use UGC on a non-UGC site? Let’s Talk About Cake

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BonAppetit.com is not a UGC site. Our brand promise, in fact, is that our recipes, cooking tips, restaurant and lifestyle coverage all come from experts. Our readers are better than experts, they are experimenters.

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Our Version

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(just 20 of them, there were more, a lot more) Their Version

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is the Leading Source of Movie & TV Show Ratings, Reviews, and “fresh” Editorial. Established in 1998, it is the most trusted measurement of quality for filmed entertainment.

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From the Professionals From the Users Fresh Rotten Certified Fresh Audience Score Tomatometer is 60% or higher. Tomatometer is 59% or lower. Tomatometer is 75% or higher, with 40 reviews (movies) or 20 reviews (TV). At least 5 reviews from Top Critics. Received 3.5 stars or higher by Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes users. Audience Score Received less than 3.5 stars by Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes users. How are expert and user opinions represented on Rotten Tomatoes? Expert opinion is represented by the Tomatometer, which represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. User opinion is represented by the Audience Score, which represents the percentage of Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster users that positively rated a movie or TV show

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Both numbers are shown together on every movie and TV page Scripted Television shows Major Film Releases

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Reviews from both critics and experts are shown for each title CRITICs’ Review QUOTES AuDIENCE Reviews

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Source: Bottlenose 2014 • To validate opinions about content quality • To compare and contrast shows to decide what to watch Fans & Journalists Use Rotten Tomatoes Scores

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Strengths of #PROvsUGC Immediate/Real Time Audience Engagement Listening Device Constant Content Stream Trusted Objective Structured Scalable Expensive Conversation Starter

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Who Do You Trust? Hotels Built in 1886 and impeccably restored, The Driskill represents a time when people mingled in grandiose settings. The lobby, highlighted by vaulted ceilings, decorative columns, and chandeliers, epitomizes Old World, Texas luxury. Each room—decorated with old photos, vintage curios, and refurbished antiques—is unique, so specific requests should be made when reserving. Standard guestrooms are cramped, but corner rooms showcase nice city views.  Leading Travel User Review Site DETAILED | OBJECTIVE | ACTIONABLE INSIDER INFORMATION MYOPIC | SUBJECTIVE | NEGATIVE NOT ACTIONABLE The rooms (3 of which I visited) were all worn out. The carpet dirty, the beds creeky, some had high ceilings which felt eerie, some awkward layouts of furniture. The elevator made me nervous with funky noises. The bathroom in my room was big as it was a handicap but the water ran cold for a good two or three minutes, had low pressure and after letting it run I was standing in ankle deep cold water as I showered.

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WHO DO YOU TRUST? CRITICS VS. FANS Source: Bottlenose 2014 Who Do You Trust? Movies AUDIENCE Reflects fans’ passions Come from fans that chose to see a film or TV show Consensus gets closer to critics assessment over time. Can help you see if a movie or TV show lives up to fan expectations. CRITICS Deeper and more analytical than most fan reviews Less swayed by marketing Consensus tends to stay the same over time Can help you decide on films or TV shows you don’t know about.

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