The Ultimate Webinar Planning Guide

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The Ultimate Webinar Planning Guide

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Why Webinars? According to CMI, webinars are the second most effective marketing tactics for B2B marketers. 2

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The Problem Yet, they are the one of the least used, ranked 12th out of 14 most-used tactics overall.

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What Gives? We avoid webinars because of the time, effort, and resources they take to put together.

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It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard This guide is all you need to be a webinar champ.

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Here’s What We’ll Cover Webinar timeline Speaker tips Presentation best practices Benchmark data

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Webinar Timeline

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Timeline at a Glance

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Plan: 6 Weeks Before the Webinar Choose a topic Choose your presenters Choose a date Schedule a kick-off call Select your support team to monitor attendee questions and technical issues

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Plan: 4 Weeks Before the Webinar Schedule your webinar and dry run Create your registration page Book a conference room Schedule emails: Invitation emails to targeted personas Registration confirmation 2 Reminder emails (one week before, one hour before) Thanks for attending (with recording link) Sorry we missed you (with recording link)

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Promote: 2 Weeks Before the Webinar Send invitation emails to targeted personas Promote webinar via social media & blog Promote via free webinar listing sites, including: Webinarlistings.com Webinarhero.com Webinarbase.com Eventspan.com

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Promote: 1 Week Before the Webinar Send reminder email Continue to promote via social media and blog Send internal email to encourage promotion Schedule a conference room

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Execute: Day of Webinar 24 hours before the webinar: Reminder email to registrants Email registrants and encourage them to have a hard phone line, a hard internet line and to print out a copy of the presentation in case their internet goes down (that way, they can still promote 1 hour before the webinar: Remind your registrants again Set up webinar room: hook up computers, paste a “webinar in session” sign on the door, etc

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Post-Webinar to-dos Measure your webinar, focusing on metrics like: Conversion rate Attendance rate (33% is industry norm) Leads Registration number Write a follow-up blog post including answers to the most common questions that came up in the webinar Use webinar recording for future blog post CTAs

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Speaker Tips

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Audio Best Practices Dial in to the webinar 30 minutes prior to webinar start time Turn cell phones on silent Keep cell phones (especially Blackberries) away from the call in line to prevent audible feedback Join from a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed Use phone controls to mute your line when not speaking to mitigate background noise

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Web Best Practices Be sure to have your laptop plugged into a power source Avoid wireless connections if possible Print the deck in case web connection fails

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Presentation Tips

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Deck Design Consistency Just because there are multiple speakers doesn’t mean there should be multiple templates. Keep the design consistent throughout the deck. Image-heavy Like any presentation, webinar decks should let the images tell the story. If you don’t give attendees something entertaining to look at, they’ll tune out.

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