Are you a LinkedIn lightweight or a heavyweight champ?

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Are you a LinkedIn lightweight or a heavyweight champ?

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If you answered with ‘lightweight’ don’t sweat it - we’ve got the tips to turn you into a LinkedIn champ.

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Use your full name so people can find you.

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Customize your profile URL. Make sure it references your name so you’re easier to find on the site.

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Use a professional looking profile photo.

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Use keywords in your job title so that people within your industry can seek you out more easily.

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Write a summary that details who you are. Think of it as your sales pitch.

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Connect with people you have worked and studied with to gain credibility.

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List your professional achievements along with your work history to demonstrate your skills.

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Show your qualifications - you’ve worked hard for them!

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Don’t lie! Remember your LinkedIn page is a public profile so chances are that you will get caught out if you lie.

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Proofread your profile just like you would your resume.

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Customise the messages you send with connection requests to give them a personal touch.

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Join groups that are related to your industry and contribute to the discussions.

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Now you are a LinkedIn heavyweight champ!

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