What #SXSW is like, and a few tips… by Dr. Chris Stout

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What #SXSW is like, and a few tips… by Dr. Chris Stout

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Leave your cares behind.

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Make sure you get on the right shuttle because your hotel is in the boonies because you waited too long to book a hotel near ACC.

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It’s always fun to see your name in random graffiti.

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Keep your batteries topped-off as you’ll always stand in a long line for coffee…

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…and most everything else.

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You may feel odd to perhaps not have enough tattoos.

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You may never have to pay for a meal…

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or snack..

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or drink.

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You will be happy to find an abundance of (branded) output devices.

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It’s cool to hang with IEEE gang at the Driskill, and then keep up the conversation(s).

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Even cooler to score a meeting with a funded startup with a rooftop deck to meet at.

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You can learn new things.

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But don’t be mean. Not cool.

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You can make new friends.

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All sorts of new friends.

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All species of new friends.

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No Google Glass. Weird.

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You may see someone who looks like that they are from that TV show, band, or movie, and they are.

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There is a risk of feeling bummed to have a PhD, but no App.

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Upide, you may now have enough new (free) tee-shirts to last a decade.

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You will rush from one cool talk…

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to another, even cooler one.

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Get used to waking up the next day and wondering if you dreamed or actually saw that…

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I learned that once you are back home, you say you have been to “Southby” (so don’t embarrass yourself). I plan to wear my badge just for a couple more days...

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Thank you Austin. Thank you Texas. Much obliged.