The Rise of the New Marketer: The Economist’s Findings on Key Trends

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The Rise of the New Marketer: The Economist’s Findings on Key Trends Jeff Pundyk GVP, Content Solutions The Economist Group Sanjay Dholakia CMO Marketo

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The not-so-distant future of marketing.

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Be bold.

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In the beginning, there was the marketing funnel…

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…Now there’s the always-on consumer-led economy.

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29% say the need for change is urgent. More than 80% of marketing executives worldwide say they need to restructure marketing.

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Be bold. Marketers point to five areas of dramatic change.

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Be bold. Marketers point to six areas of dramatic change. 1. From cost center to source of revenue Four out of five companies will classify marketing as a revenue driver in 3-5 years.

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Marketing expenditures now total $1 trillion globally *Source: McKinsey & Co. Three out of four CEOs agree: marketers “are always asking for more money, but can rarely explain how much incremental business this money will generate.*”

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2. Lead the customer experience 75% of marketers say they will be responsible for the customer experience in 3-5 years.

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3. A shift in customer engagement 78% relate engagement to sales 22% related engagement to brand

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eBay e-trade readiness Index 12 4. Marketers need to retool first Top skills in demand: Digital engagement Marketing operations & technology Strategy and planning

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13 5. Digital and data dominate investment 75% of investments focused on reaching customers through social, mobile and e-mail. 25% focused on analytics to knit together data from different channels.

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Remember to be human And a sixth Don’t forget to be human. And I’ll throw in a sixth