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How to Maximize Flint Group

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LinkedIn 101 Basics and best practices

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Why is LinkedIn important? Every second 2 new members join LinkedIn 40% of people on LinkedIn check the network daily 44,000 submitted daily 5.7x higher

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Make your profile complete People want to engage with humans, not resumes Headline – who are you? (the short & sweet version) Summary – tell your story Work experience & projects – what have you done? Skills – what can you do? Education – what training qualifies you? Organizations– how are you involved? Honors & awards– what have you exceeded in?

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Profile photo: 400 X 400 Custom URL Background photo: 1400 X 425 Recent activity

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Connect your SlideShare account Showcase projects, ideas, research and more Upload SlideShare presentations to your LinkedIn profile

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Follow companies Stay informed from industry thought leaders Build relationships with companies you’d like to work for Keep tabs on your current company’s competitors

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Share interesting content Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise industry news trends case studies business updates Share links to interesting articles and blog posts that your connections will find valuable Publish your own articles using LinkedIn’s publishing feature Check LinkedIn’s online magazine “Pulse” for inspiration

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…and make it visual SlideShare Video Pictures PDFs

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Growing your network 347 million professionals at your fingertips

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Invite people to connect Import your email contacts Browse “people you may know” Find the exact person you’re looking for with advanced search Don’t invite people you haven’t met in person to connect on LinkedIn

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Connect + invite Change the automated text: Explain how you know them and give them a reason to connect with you.

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Recommend others and interact Be genuine - customize each recommendation and call out specific experiences Make introductions Endorse other people’s skills Get recommended in return

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Join and start groups 200 conversations take place every minute in LinkedIn groups Find like-minded people and: join conversations answer questions be helpful share interesting third-party articles

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Know what’s working Who’s viewing your profile? How are people finding you? How do you compare to other professionals?

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Go Premium

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Go Premium See who’s viewed your profile in the last 90 days Contact anyone on LinkedIn through InMail Find the right people faster with Premium search filters Let everyone see your full profile

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LinkedIn for business A tool for recruitment and new business

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LinkedIn company pages Logo – help people recognize your brand Company description – where has your company been and where is it going? Company size – how many employees do you have? Industry – what type of work does your company do? Location – where are you based? Specialties – what is your company really good at?

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Profile photo: 100 X 60 Employees Cover photo: 646 X 220 Affiliated company pages Company updates

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Tell, don’t sell No one wants to listen to a sales pitch – you’ll quickly be tuned out What’s important to your audience? What are their challenges? Aspirations? Goals? Provide helpful information that serves these needs & positions you as the go-to resource It’s important to build trust Provide relevant, useful information – you’ll be top of mind when they need a solution for their next problem or challenge

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LinkedIn job postings Relevant, personalized and targeted Sponsor your posting for enhanced visibility Support with outposts

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LinkedIn job postings - outposts Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

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LinkedIn ads Grow your LinkedIn following Promote company news, events, products, job openings, etc. Sponsored content Ads

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Measurement Discover what type of content resonates with your followers Compare yourself to competitors Analyze your audience

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Questions? linkedin.com/company/the-flint-group-of-agencies socialteam@flint-group.com @flintgroup