Creating Compelling Content

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Add value Be responsive, authentic & open Build trust -- do what you say you’ll do Build relationships & community (online & in person) Be Professional & Tranparent (work vs. personal) Be a Safe Risk Taker

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Review What’s Working

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Tools: Canva

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Using Our Power for Good

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Use Instagram Contests for Multiple Objectives Build Relationships Encourage Engagement Create Buzz User-Generated Content Opportunity for Collaboration Reward Fans Because It’s Fun

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It’s not about the Winner …

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A Snapshot of Dominion GardenFest of Lights via Fans Tool: PicMonkey

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Contests: A Few Ideas Partner with other nonprofits for prizes, tag them & cross-promote on social media. Choose a short & memorable hashtag; vet it.  Make sure you have a “rules” page with a disclaimer allowing use of images for promotional purposes. Use onsite signage to promote contest with Instagram logo & hashtag . Search for relevant photos that might be good entries & tell them about the contest. Despite all the signs, and promotion, some don’t know about it.

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Pinterest Rule No. 1: Add Value Rule No. 2. Drive Traffic (to your own webpage & to other reputable pages.) Don’t pin any photo without checking it out. Create new content on your blog (for the purpose of pinning) Highly visual (photos and infographics)

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Pinterest Analytics Pinterest Analytics

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Pinterest Analytics

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http://www.shoutmeloud.com/5-reasons-why-readers-unsubscribe-from-blogs-rss-feed.html Blogs are alive! Use Wordpress Link to partners & like-minded organizations Build ambassadors for your brand Support your Nonprofit’s mission Use tagging to help SEO Recycle & Cross-post Content Use Categories to make a microblog

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Allow people to subscribe via email Tell your story Create “Pinable” content that drives traffic to your website Share blog posts on other social media or recycle content Share your legacy (Acts as a history of your nonprofit) Content re-appears is reusable (unlike Facebook) Your Blog

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How Do You Create Compelling Content? Write to your Best Friend Tie into Current Events & Hot Topics Image or Infographic Heavy. Light Text. Ask your Readers What They Want to Know Ask your Front-line Staff What Questions They Get Q&A or Take 5 (New staff, Board Members, Volunteers, Etc.) Do a “Top10” Post *Recapping your best posts *Featuring the best blogs or posts in your industry Guest Bloggers (Clients, Volunteers, Constituents, Donors) Be an Expert! Recap (Year in Review, Community Kitchen Garden Recap) Tell Your Personal Story Share the <3

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Wordpress Stats

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1986 Thank You!

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