10 Email Marketing Tips

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TIP #1 Develop an Email Marketing Plan First Before you start an email marketing campaign, create a plan that details your goals, what type of emails you will send, and who your target audience is. Otherwise, you could get started on the wrong foot.

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TIP #2 Build a Targeted List of Subscribers Email marketing is only as effective as the quality of your list. When building your list, target people who are already doing business with your brand – or at least those who have shown interest in what you have to offer.

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TIP #3 Use Accurate Subject Lines One big mistake is to hook people into opening your email with a subject line that is totally irrelevant to your email content. This is a big turn-off to most subscribers and can cause many of them to opt-out of your list.

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TIP #4 Keep Your Content Relevant Avoid going “off-topic” when it comes to your email content. Only talk about things your subscribers would be interested in hearing. If there are times when you want to talk about unrelated topics, keep it to a minimum and keep it professional.

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TIP #5 Write Your Messages to ONE Person Personalizing email messages can boost conversions. One way to do so is to address subscribers by their first names. Another way is to use terms such as “you” instead of “you all” or “you guys.” Make them feel like you’re only talking to them.

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TIP #6 Make Sure Your Emails are Mobile-Friendly As more and more people read email on their mobile devices, it is crucial that your emails can be read on them comfortably. Otherwise, you will miss out on potential buyers who may have taken you up on your offer.

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TIP #7 Keep Your Emails Short & Sweet Due to low attention spans, most people are not up for reading really long and drawn out emails. Instead, only include the important points in your email. If you have more content to share on the topic, direct them to a website or blog post.

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TIP #8 Mix Up Your Messages The main goal of email marketing is to boost revenue. However, this does not mean that every message you send out should be promotional. Mix it up by giving your audience great tips, how-to, or other types of information that they would appreciate.

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TIP #9 Test Your Campaigns Your goal is to consistently improve your email performance. The only way to do so is to test how well it’s working for you. Based on this information, you will be able to improve going forward.

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TIP #10 Make it Easy for Them to Unsubscribe This may seem like it defeats the purpose, but the fact is… you really do not want anyone on your list who doesn’t want to be there. So make sure there’s a link to unsubscribe in all of your emails.

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