How to promote local business with instagram

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How to promote local business with instagram

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a picture is worth 1,000 words but on Instagram it’s also worth 1,000 “likes,” retweets, and shares!

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Instagram is an imaged-based platform with … 300 million monthly active users 75 million daily active users 13% of the internet uses Instagram http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/important-instagram-stats/

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Most photos fall under two categories: beautiful imagery or humor

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Be consistent with your brand The millennial generation loves strong visual content. Treat your Instagram photos as high quality, but low posting volume.

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9 Tips to Connect to Your Customers

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Tip #1 Take photos of all aspects of your business. Special events Behind the scenes Customer pictures

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Tip #2 Tag your photos with a hashtag. Use a hashtag with the location of your business #Nj #NewJersey

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Tip #3 Tell a story with your photos. Track the process of an event by publishing a photo every day

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Tip #4 Encourage customers to post photos Your customers become your publicists when they post images of your business .

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Tip #5 Share your photo on other social media Instagram gives you the option to share with other platforms when uploading a photo .

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Tip #6 Add text to your photos. Write a ‘call to action’ or inspiring comment on your image

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Tip #7 Use the @mention. Use the @mention to tag other Instagram users in your photo’s caption (and in comments)

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Tip #8 Run an Instagram contest. Ask your customers to tag photos of your business with a hashtag and then select a winner

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Tip #9 NEWclickable links feature! Take advantage of the new multi-photo carousel by creating four branded images in sequence to swipe through Read more:

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Capitalize on the popularity The technology of the platform and the ease of use makes this the perfect platform for visual storytelling. Images are powerful and will sum up a brand moment in a few seconds - and makes a stronger, lasting impression.

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