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Tips to help better your Content Planning. 4

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Content planning is a tricky business. Today’s buyers are willing to go the distance, but need a little push from you.

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Want to make sure that the right kinds of people are receiving the right kind of content?

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Pair your content planning with the three stages of the buyer’s journey.

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The quick guide below will show you how to do just that and create your most successful content to date.

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Planning ahead. Make sure that your strategy leads to three important things; awareness, consideration, and decision. Whether you’re selling to a customer or a company, understand your audience, so you can select the right piece of content for each reader. 1

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Pick the right platform Content is the medium via which you’re connecting with your audience. Research and zero in on a platform that can get the maximum out of your content. Play to your buyer’s strengths and choose a platform that tailors to their needs. 2

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Organize your content Poor organization can lead to a collapse in your content strategy. Everything has to work in tandem, from your email and landing page copy, to titles, subject lines,tweets and blog posts, so that it strikes a chord with your target audience. 3

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Keep contingency plans at the ready. Stay prepared for a rainy day. Always have a plan and process ready. It is key with room to ensure that there’s a backup plan when things don’t always go your way. 4

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Make Sure You have the right software in place to help you manage it all.

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