5 Content Marketing Best Practices That Can Help You Recruit

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5 Content Marketing Best Practices That Can Help You Recruit

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Tips for using WebEx Receiving Teleconference Info The chat box (asking questions/tech issues)

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Featured Speakers Alicia Garibaldi Senior Content Marketing Manager at Glassdoor www.linkedin.com/pub/alicia-garibaldi/9/774/11a @albagaribaldi Allison Kruse Senior Manager, Social Media and Talent Acquisition at Kforce www.linkedin.com/in/allisonkruse @AllisonAKruse

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Agenda Today’s Candidate Landscape Why Effective Messaging Matters 5 Best Practices to Help You Recruit

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Today’s Candidate Landscape

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Today’s Candidate Landscape You face stiff competition You must stand out! of candidates list their preferred method of contact by recruiters as email

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1. Today’s Candidate Landscape: Mobile Optimized Pages

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Talent Trends 2014 Source: LinkedIn Blog

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Definition of Effective Messaging

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Why Effective Messaging Matters

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Your Messaging from Voicemail, to Email, to Social Is… Something you have 100% control over Often your first impression An opportunity to differentiate yourself Directly tied to your success

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Every Company Has a Story to Tell What’s Yours?

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5 Best Practices to Help You Recruit

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5 Best Practices to Help You Recruit Measure Your Channels Develop Personas Plan Make It About Them, Not You The 3 R’s

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1. Measure Your Channels Measure beyond your career site Monitor candidate messaging on social channels What jobs are candidates clicking on and which are converting to applicants? Be agile

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1. Measure Your Channels: Glassdoor Budget

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2. Develop Personas Where are your candidates coming from? What are their pain points? Create personas of those you hope to hire for each role. Why is your company different from their last employer(s)?

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2. Develop Personas: Why? One size doesn’t fit all.

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2. Develop Personas: Why? Can’t we simply automate recruiting?

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2. Develop Personas: Why? It takes a personal touch. Connection Sincerity Kindness Compassion Empathy

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2. Develop Personas: Questions to Ask When Seeking to Understand Your Audience What is our audience doing in social media spaces we are interested in? What motivates this behavior? What social communities already are active in our space, or even around your brand? Where are the conversations taking place? How are people referencing my brand and in what context?

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Create a content calendar Keep track of goals Measure results against KPIs 3. Plan…Then Plan Some More

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3. Plan…Then Plan Some More: Recruitment Marketing Calendar Source: Marketo

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Keep it humble Cater to the candidates’ needs Emphasize the experience Treat the interview process as an extension of your culture Explain why you’re a match 4. Make It About Them, Not You!

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4. Make It About Them, Not You: Customizing Email and Social Communication Customize subject lines Non-standard Attention getting Customized for recipient Keep it short and sweet End with an open-ended question Reference specifics Mention data points when possible

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Make it about THEM Don’t start every sentence with “I” First message shouldn’t be about the job posting Be human—show your personality! 4. Make It About Them, Not You: The Makings of a Good Message

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End message with: an open-ended question a comment that compels recipient to respond 4. Make It About Them, Not You: Closing the Message What would you love to focus on in 2015?

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5. The 3 R’s 3Rs The Repurpose Reuse Recycle

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5. The 3 R’s: Repurposing Content Source: Hubspot

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5. The 3 R’s: Repurposing Content

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