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Taking things in-house Make it about the experience Provide first hand information Be there for the fans Do not have dark channels

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Content Eye Catching, Epic Shots Headliners Attractions Informative #Wellness101 (Safety)

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Drive Excitement through Engagement Short & concise Engage our core audience Drive excitement and hype

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Hashtags Build your brand through hashtags #TotemTuesday #FestivalGoals #FestFriends #FestieBestie #Wellness101 #ComeInPeaceOrDontComeAtAll

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Don’t be lazy Play to each platform’s strength DO DON’T

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@BeyondWland Instagram videos created to promote Beyond Wonderland Showcase Insomniac culture & mindset Educate fans

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Instagram – Beyond Wonderland *The one month image and video was shared across all Wonderlands with tagging @beyondwland Lineup Announce Festival Season Beyonce Beyond One Month

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Drive off Instagram Drive users to bio for links Promote other platforms - Snapchat - Mobile App - Insomniac.com

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Looking Ahead Keep Learning More videos More analytics Drive more user engagement