Top 10 Rules Every Modern Marketer Knows But Won’t Tell You.

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Top 10 Rules Every Modern Marketer Knows But Won’t Tell You. Or: marketing in the post-digital, post-social, post-2.0, post-viral, post-ninja, post-apocalyptic, post-old spice world Created by space150 – ©2015

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Thanks for reading Brands today have to cut through the noise, to make a real impact on the competition with share of voice, in market. Modern brand marketers know that it takes real buzz to hit the news feed before a social campaign can deliver for business impact, to drive sales and engagement and business results for businesses. Our team of digital natives has worked to use big data and crowdsourcing to gather the best insights for brands that make meaningful connections to engagement. We’ve collected our Top-10 secrets for success and want to share them with you to engage our community and brand advocate our business. viral.

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1. Don’t advertise, engage.

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2. Community advocates are brand advocates.

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3. Word of mouth impact is business impact.

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4. You don’t have customers, you have advocates.

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5. The old way of doing things, just doesn’t cut it.

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6. Millennials don’t buy things, they don’t even have any money. Snapchat.

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7. Millennials have all the power. All of it. Understanding what motivates them is essential.

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8. The future is happening now.

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Mobile Strategy - Touchpoints “Boomers don't love Facebook. But they're on it.” -Brian Ritchie Executive Creative Director, space150

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10. You can't become the next Facebook without understanding Gen Z.

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11. Last years marketing mix just won't cut it in 2015.

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12. Brand evangelists aren't born, their made.

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Touch points…lot’s of them.

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