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User Signals Google Likes to See 5 @Matt_Siltala

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Likes & Dislikes 1 @Matt_Siltala

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Comments & Likes and Dislikes in Comments 2 @Matt_Siltala

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Views with emphasis on complete views of the video 3 @Matt_Siltala

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Shares 4 + + + + + @Matt_Siltala

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Subscribers The total volume of subscribers is kind of like authority of a website, plus it aids in future releases as you have a ready audience. 5 Sign me up! @Matt_Siltala

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Keep videos as short as possible. If you can get it done in 30 seconds, fantastic. In general 2 minutes is the upper limit. General Rules To Follow @Matt_Siltala

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Case Study #1 Bulwark Exterminating found “Do Roaches eat toothpaste” in a Google suggested search. Video Promotion: Avalaunch Media helped with this promotion getting in front of hundreds of bloggers. Initial push yielded 3,000 views. In July Bulwark pushed it locally to a Houston Audience with YouTube paid promotion. Receiving 6,285 Views, and 117 website clicks. To date, this video production and promotion online has cost less than $3000. The video ranks for “Do roaches eat toothpaste” @Matt_Siltala

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The video has 14,000+ views. It retains the majority of the audience up until the title flash dipping below 50% at 38 seconds, the end of the title flash. Bulwark considers this a successful marketing video for branding purposes and expects that the current price of $.21 per view will drop as time continues. @Matt_Siltala

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Pay Attention to Analytics @Matt_Siltala

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Case Study #2 Using a targeted traffic approach (creating a video where the subject matter and the title are specific things people are searching for), this video gets one lead per week, and has generated… 37,000+ views 101 Likes 197 Subscribers 101 LIKES 37K+ VIEWS 197 SUBSCRIBERS @Matt_Siltala

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Case Study #3 @Matt_Siltala @Matt_Siltala

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Case Study #3 @Matt_Siltala @Matt_Siltala

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Additional Optimization Tips @Matt_Siltala

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The TITLE OF THE VIDEO tends to have a huge influence on how you find a video. A bit spammy/less professional but CAPS on your keyword can help increase CTR - helping optimization. Since you can’t colorize or BOLD your keywords in the title, CAPS is a trick to help you emphasize your KEYWORD. Use this tactic sparingly. Top SAN JOSE RESTAURANTS @Matt_Siltala

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Putting a short but descriptive title with the name of the city or state for local will go a long way. The “About” area can also have an influence. Remember to link to your business in the description too. @Matt_Siltala

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Proper Categories and GEO Tagging @Matt_Siltala

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In the video always share your physical address and phone number as well as your business name. @Matt_Siltala

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Add your video to your G+ profile (generally a good idea to add your videos everywhere you can). @Matt_Siltala

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Include Transcription when you are posting a video. @Matt_Siltala

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Videos Generate Leads @Matt_Siltala

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Where do I find ideas for videos? Local News Sites (Topix as well as bigger ones) Local Facebook Groups Answer Sites (Quora, LinkedIn Answers, Answers.com) Social Monitoring Tools (Trakkur, PinAlerts) Social Directories/Networks (local focused) @Matt_Siltala

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Yelp Talk @Matt_Siltala @Matt_Siltala

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Repurpose successful content into videos. BLOG POSTS EBOOKS INFOGRAPHICS @Matt_Siltala FAQ’s

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@Matt_Siltala @Matt_Siltala

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@Matt_Siltala @Matt_Siltala

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@Matt_Siltala @Matt_Siltala

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@Matt_Siltala @Matt_Siltala

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Video Marketing WILL generate leads when done correctly. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ @Matt_Siltala

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THANK YOU Matt Siltala, President matt@avalaunchmedia.com @Matt_Siltala