20 Super Actionable Social Media Tips

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20 Super Actionable Social Media Tips Find Your Way to Social Media Success

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Use Google Alerts as a great source of daily content for curation.” Ed Marsh Founder, Consilium Global Business Advisors, LLC @edbmarsh “

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Become a reader. To start sharing good, readable, share-worthy content, you need to start reading.” “ Jamie Cartwright Marketing Manager, Weidert Group @cart_writing

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“ Andrew Osegi Social Media Manager, Kuno Creative @AEOsegi Test. Test. Test. Your success is susceptible to change every month, every week and every day.”

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Build a steady pipeline of blog articles, slide decks, ebooks and infographics to share on social media. Spend 90% of you time on content creation, and only the last 10% of your time on social media itself.” “ Chris Strom Principal, ClearPivot @cgstrom

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“ Marc Herschberger Inbound Strategist, Revenue River Marketing @marcherschberge Pick and choose wisely when it comes to newsjacking. It is time-consuming to continually ride the waves of trending topics on social media.”

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“ Alisa Meredith Consultant, OverGo Studio @alisammeredith Embrace Pinterest! Use it to inspire and inform. Make sure your content is optimized for Pinterest by using gorgeous visuals and optimized alternative text.”

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“ Andrew DuPrat Web Specialist, New Breed @Andrew_DuPrat Write and post content for YOUR personal audience! Always think about different ways you can delight them.”

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“ Kathleen Booth Owner & CEO, Quintain Marketing @Quintain Don’t forget to build relationships with social media influencers. These are industry experts or local influencers if you’re trying to reach a specific geographic area.”

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“ Matthew Bivens Marketing Director, 98toGo @mattbivens Resist the temptation to jump into every social media platform. Select the networks that are most important to your customers.”

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“ George Thomas Inbound Marketing Brand Strategist, The Sales Lion @georgebthomas Social media is not only about the measurement of social metrics. It’s also about asking yourself how you can help someone, make their day better, or simply make them smile. You’ll win more business than if you only focus on like, shares and retweets.”

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“ Jeremy Epstein VP Marketing, Sprinklr @jer979 Know who your audience is, what makes them tick, what their relationship is with your company and what you’ve spoken about with them previously.”

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“ Kevin Barber Founder, Lean Labs @Lean_Labs When writing for your blog, add “tweet this” buttons in your posts. Think ahead of time about the positioning of the tweet.”

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“ Tom Burgess Inbound Marketing Coordinator, Revenue River Marketing @Tomburgess88 Keep it light! And by light, I mean … light. Don’t be so rigid or straight when publishing on social because, for Twitter’s sake, you only have 140 characters.”

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“ Carrie Dagenhard Brand Journalist, Kuno Creative @ohjustcarrie All business and no play makes for a dull feed. Sprinkle a little pizzazz and humor into your tweets. Be human.”

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“ Mike Del Cuore Digital Marketing Strategist, Revenue River @mikedelcuore Use your buyer personas as a tool to craft your social media messages to ensure the right content is targeted at the right people at the right time.”

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“ Nicole Rende Senior Search Analyst, Revenue River Marketing @nicolecrende Create SEO-friendly social media profiles. Make sure all profiles are extremely descriptive in the ‘About’ sections. Describe your business, but don’t stuff keywords.”

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“ Matt Lee Director of Marketing, Adhere Creative @matt_lee Consider a Google Virtual Tour. Google is always looking to validate businesses at physical locations. A Google-trusted photographer will come to your office and verify your listing.”

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“ Michael Reynolds President / CEO, SpinWeb @michaelreynolds Every organization could take advantage of Custom Audiences on Twitter and Facebook to target people who previously visited your website.”

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“ Peg Fitzpatrick Social Media Strategist and Author @PegFitzpatrick There’s no ‘best time to tweet.’ Everyone has different followers with separate demographics. Therefore, don’t tweet on Monday at 1pm because you once saw that suggestion on an infographic.”

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“ Eric Pratt Managing Partner, Revenue River @eric_pratt The word “auto” should never be mentioned with social media. It’s about sharing, engaging, and community, not automated messaging.”

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