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@Matt_Siltala 86% 14% 59% 54% 86% 35% 37% Source: http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2262641/driving-consumer-insights-with-mobile-analytics

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@Matt_Siltala Of info submitted to the brain is visual 90% 60,000x Images process faster than text of people respond to visual information over plain text 40%

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@Matt_Siltala Videos on landing pages increase page conversions rates by 80% 94% MORE Posts with visuals get page visits and engagement than those without of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose image appear in search results 60%

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@Matt_Siltala 9 Billion Photos uploaded each month Photos & Images get… More Interaction than other content More Shares than links More Likes 87% 10x 7x

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@Matt_Siltala 300,000,000 Users 257 MINUTES/MONTH Avg. time spent on Instagram 70 MILLION Photos uploaded every day 30 BILLION Total shared photos 2.5 BILLION Likes per day 49% Of users check Instagram daily Instagram

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@Matt_Siltala Pinterest 70,000,000 Users 14.2 MINUTES/MONTH Avg. time spent on Pinterest 80% OF PINS Are repins (Best image size: 600 x 800) 80% Of users are female 78 CENTS IN SALES/PIN On average. Up 25% since 2012 10 MILLION U.S. monthly unique visitors (Faster than any independent site in history)

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@Matt_Siltala Pinterest On Pinterest, you can create: How-to’s, recipes, checklists, and more.

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@Matt_Siltala Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ button has now overtaken Facebook’s ‘Like’ button and Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ button on brands’ product pages.

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@Matt_Siltala Facebook 1.39 Billion Users 20 MINUTES/DAY Avg. time spent on Facebook 300 MILLION Photos uploaded every day 4.5 BILLION Likes per day 1.972 MILLION Friend requests per day 30 BILLION Whats App messages per day https://zephoria.com/social-media/top-15-valuable-facebook-statistics/

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@Matt_Siltala Facebook Cover Photo: 851 x 315 Profile Photo: 180x 180 (recommended) Shared Photos: 403 x 403 Facebook Page Post Images: 960 x 960 Link previews: 90 x 90 Ad image size: 100 x 72 Sponsored Story Images: 194 x 139 Milestone or Highlighted Post: 843 x 403 http://www.techwyse.com/blog/infographics/facebook-cheat-sheetsize-and-dimensions/

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@Matt_Siltala Twitter 645,750,000 Users 12:51 MINUTES/DAY Avg. time spent on Twitter 500+ MILLION Tweets everyday 2.1 BILLION Twitter search engine queries (per day) 75% Of users are on mobile 208 FOLLOWERS Per user (on average) http://techcrunch.com/2013/10/03/mobile-twitter-161m-access-from-handheld-devices-each-month-65-of-ad-revenues-coming-from-mobile/

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@Matt_Siltala Google+ 300,000,000 Users 5.5 MINUTES/MONTH Avg. time spent on Google+ 1.5 BILLION Photos uploaded every week 20 MILLION Mobile monthly users 33% OVERALL Growth per year 56% GROWTH In usage for member (Ages 45-54) http://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/google/#ixzz3SDrWEMnx

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@Kristy Bad Content

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WITH THESE TIPS: Become a better writer See what the buzz is about Leverage what you’ve got Give them a window into your inner workings Newsjack Think like a journalist @Matt_Siltala

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EVEN CELEBRITIES HAVE BECOME BRILLIANT CONTENT MARKETERS John Oliver has questions for the Miss America Scholarship Fund @Matt_Siltala

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Good Content @Matt_Siltala

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Three years ago, it all started with this single infographic… 100,000+ Social Shares Thousands Of Links Built Thousands Of $$$ generated @Matt_Siltala

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eBook Motion Graphic Slide Share @Matt_Siltala

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The Interactive Purriodic Table of Internet Cats And then there was… @Matt_Siltala

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Even dog lovers liked it @Matt_Siltala

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But that’s not all… @Matt_Siltala

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Our interactive table outperformed Friskies "list" because ours was more visual. @Matt_Siltala

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Blog posts New Releases Linkbait articles Infographics Video Podcasts Images/Memes White Papers Power Points Repurpose successful content you already have into: TRANSFORM CONTENT YOU ALREADY HAVE @Matt_Siltala

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The Quicksilver had a pair of cargo shorts in stores that were not Selling like they had anticipated THE PROBLEM @Matt_Siltala

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We worked with the sales team to get the MOST commonly asked questions and highlights of the shorts and created a series of infographics and displays that sold the shorts and made the sales associates jobs easier. THE SOLUTION @Matt_Siltala

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ADP had a ton of products, but their sales people didn’t have very good tools to sell all products. THE PROBLEM @Matt_Siltala

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Created infographics every month for them, each time highlighting a new product. THE SOLUTION @Matt_Siltala

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Measured each graphic’s popularity by polling people on Social Media Repurposed successful content into slide decks, videos, motion/ interactive graphics, etc. Created offline materials out of graphics that would help their sales team (showrooming using iPads, videos) Sales Increased THE RESULT @Matt_Siltala

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ADP sales team now has a tool to learn & promote their products ADP can use successful content to drive PR Increased brand awareness More mentions, more rankings for their name Helps reputation management BIGGER PICTURE @Matt_Siltala

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JewishBoston.com wanted to modernize their Hagaddah so that Young and inactive Jews might be interested in using it for Passover (a.k.a. we need to make it “hip”). THE PROBLEM @Matt_Siltala

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Created eBook, app, and helped redesign part of their website to make it more attractive to a younger audience (we made it cool). THE SOLUTION @Matt_Siltala

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20,000+ App downloads Word of mouth about it spread on social media Created Something physical that could be downloaded THE RESULT @Matt_Siltala

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@Kristy What’s your content marketing challenge? There’s a tool for that. Social Media Measurement Influencer Discovery and Outreach Insights Discovery Creation and Production Content Curation

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@Kristy Social Media Measurement: SimplyMeasured

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@Kristy Social Media Measurement: sumall

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@Kristy Social Media Measurement: Brand24

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@Kristy Influencer Discovery: Traackr

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@Kristy Influencer Discovery: tapinfluence

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@Kristy Influencer Discovery: Buzzsumo

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@Kristy Insights Discovery: Radian6

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@Kristy Insights Discovery: Icerocket

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@Kristy Insights Discovery: Social Mention

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@Kristy Insights Discovery: Your customer service channels

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@Kristy Content Creation: Aesop Story Engine

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@Kristy Content Creation: Canva

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@Kristy Content Creation: Social Image Re-sizer

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@Kristy Content Creation: Over

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@Kristy Content Curation: Storify

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@Kristy Content Curation: waywire

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@Kristy Content Curation: trap.it

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@Matt_Siltala @Kristy