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by @PrateekShah Social Media 2015 Trends Tricks Tips #SM2015

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In India, there is 19% Internet Penetration 8% Social Media Penetration 70% Mobile Subscription Penetration InternetLiveStats WeAreSocial

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Mobile Internet users expected to cross 213 million in India in 2015 IAMAI Techcrunch YOY growth 55%

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62% of Facebook’s profit, 81% of Twitter ad revenue comes from mobile ads(global) But India contributes less than 0.1% of their revenue In 2015 Social will truly go Mobile Techcrunch Trend

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No, its not dying.

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How to increase engagement? Use trending topics Quality > Number Less promotional Timing of Post Tip

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That will help, but they do want your money

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You need to stop looking at social like a free platform Reach into your pocket if you want to reach out to people Trend

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Internet Videos are replacing TV

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We now have affordable high speed internet IAMAI

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Tremendous potential Cisco

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Offer good videos. People will gulp. Trend (Share videos on the site itself)

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Every social media platform is a marketplace Shopify

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Multi Product Dynamic Ads

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Facebook For Sale Groups

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Facebook is testing Location based targeting in US

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We also might tailor ads using your profile information or location, which may be based on your mobile device location or your IP address. This helps us show you local ads and other ads that you might prefer. - Twitter Ads

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Trend SoLoMo

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Brands are beginning to use Social Chat Apps as a marketing medium Trend

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The rules are dynamically changing, make sure you stay a step ahead of the game Lets look at some more ways to make effective use of these platforms Trend

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Explore facebook Ads in depth Behaviour Based Targeting (eg : Cricket 2015) Retargeting (You’ve surely been doing that right?) Lookalike Audience (Power Editor?) Tip

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Target twitter to generate leads Tip

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Gen Next uses LinkedIn for Lead Gen Tip

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Gen Next uses LinkedIn for Lead Gen Tip

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Do social media on Google + for better SEO Tip

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Ignore Instagram and Pinterest at your own risk Tip

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Quora is Serious Business Tip

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Don’t just blog on your site Write guest articles Upload on slideshare Host a webinar Podcast Tip

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Don’t follow the mob, choose your platforms carefully Don’t let social stand alone, run an integrated campaign. Numbers will not matter. What is supposed to matter will matter.

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Have a socially smashing 2015! www.prateekshah.com www.greensmyles.com \ facebook.com/GreenSmyles twitter.com/GreenSmyles About the Author : Prateek Shah is an entrepreneur who has been part of the social media industry since its inception In India. He is also a Google certified trainer and has conducted workshops for an array of professionals across the industry spectrum. \