building a social media amplifier program to boost your brand

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building a social media amplifier program to boost your brand Colleen Robertson National Social Media Manager, Slalom

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Agenda Slalom and Colleen background employee advocacy defined tools available boost your brand: case study

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3 a business consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, WA, founded in 2001 in 16 markets over 3,000 employees client list comprised of Fortune 1,000 companies local model and national delivery slalom is

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4 National Social Media Manager, started at slalom May 2014 now supporting 16 Twitter handles, 6 instagram handles, 5 Facebook pages with strategy, training and content national social media channels amplifier program digital ads colleen is

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6 earned / owned / paid owned 100% control website store interior earned reputation social media do you 100% control? do you pay for it? paid ads sponsorships paid social

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7 “Companies that use social advocacy programs are 12% more profitable than companies who do not.” Lorie Sole Senior Interactive Marketing Manager, Kelly Services Inc.

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8 Who: employees who are passionate about your brand passionate about social (or passionate about learning) willing to engage in ongoing training Why: engagement reach trust What: content branded unbranded definition: employee advocacy

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9 provide structure empower provide content your program must:

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11 “47% of B2B decision makers trust employees of potential vendors over the CEO or PR department.” IBM Buyers Preference Study, 2013

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12 in person trainings monthly calls weekly emails from market leads suggested social content how

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13 boost your brand: case study #slalombowl idea came from a market friendly competition email guidelines outcomes new users, new amplifiers increased reach opportunity to test and educate

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14 test and refine report back ongoing motivation measure effectiveness

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