Content Strategy & Social Media: A Symbiotic Relationship

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Content Strategy & Social Media: A Symbiotic Relationship Content Creation: The Power of Storytelling UW Certificate in Storytelling and Content Strategy Feb. 24, 2014 Suna Gurol

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What do you think about social media?

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Social Media is #1 Most popular content channel tactic for brands

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#1 and rising

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Social Media - in a nutshell Mouthpiece, but not a monologue In the best world there is a relationship, community and dialogue Speed! Real-time! Disappearing content! Branding Real measurement

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Symbiotic relationship Without great content social media has no purpose Without social media your content will be limited in its reach

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Partnering with social media strategist

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What to do for success Define Goals Identify Audience Establish Baseline Short and Visual content Dialogue Monitor, measure, rinse and repeat

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Goals Identify what the goals are -- To get people to the website? To donate? To register? More likes/follows? Brand awareness? Needs to support the business but also connect with the audience. And make sure everyone - from C-suite to Marketing Assistant - is in agreement about the goals!

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Audience Who are you trying to reach? Is it a new or existing audience? If existing audience, what do you know about them? Facebook insights Web searches Audience surveys, usability studies, donor/custom profiles, etc. How do you connect with them?

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Baseline Get a baseline of likes, followers, average post likes/shares/comments, and current sales/donations, clicks BEFORE you put up your content. Review after campaign to see how audience responded.

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Short and Visual Brainstorm of how to present your content in different ways - messaging is different on every platform Short stories - Think how to impart your message in 140 characters Visually - What kinds of images will work with this content? Remember - social channels LOVE square images.

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Location, location, location Identify what social media channels make the most sense to utilize for the campaign. Typically Facebook & Twitter, but could also use: Instagram - visual, time-driven, works great for events, brand awareness YouTube Storify - Using a variety of social media & web Pinterest - photos, infographics Blog - obviously LinkedIn

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Dialogue Be prepared to have an online dialogue about your content and the story on social media. Good to strategize ahead, however... The conversations may go in directions that you don't plan for.

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Measure, rinse and repeat Feedback - likes, shares, comments, RT's. Who is responding? Opportunity - Expand on the content Keep, refine or pivot the strategy

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Social Media - The Good

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Social Media - The Bad

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Social Media - The Unexpected

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Mutual Benefit Society Social Media can inform the Content Strategy - what is working Social Media works best with good Content Strategy

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Remember - social media is FUN! That's why everyone does it

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Thank you! Suna Gurol Communications suna@sunagurol.com @SunaG www.sunagurol.com (wow that's a lot of "suna's") Digital, web and social media strategist Master in Communication in Digital Media University of Washington

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