Campaign Strategy

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Campaign Strategy UGBA 198 Haas School of Business UC Berkeley

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Goals of a Marketing Campaign Increase Acquisition Acquire new followers Increase Retention Keeping your existing followers engaged Increase SOW / SOM Share of wallet Share of mind

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Campaign Development Alignment with corporate and marketing strategy Objectives and goals are KEY to success Why SMART Goals?

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Developing & Measuring Campaign ROI 6Ms Framework

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Case Study: Purple Your Profile P1 Chevrolet and American Cancer Society Super Bowl 2014

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Purple Your Profile—Mission Highlight and increase Chevy’s corporate social responsibility (CSR)

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Purple Your Profile—Market Survivors of cancers Friends, relatives, and those who have supported survivors to road to recovery American Cancer Society members and supporters

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Purple Your Profile—Message To celebrate cancer survivors and those who support them on the road to recovery

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Purple Your Profile—Money Super Bowl Ad Production $1M Super Bowl Ad Placement $8M Donation of $1 to ACS per ‘purplized’ profile $1M Estimated total cost: $10-12M

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Purple Your Profile—Media Traditional Channels: Super Bowl T.V. commercial Non-traditional Channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Website Chevrolet Purple Roads Website

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Purple Your Profile—Measurement Number of viewers of Super Bowl Number of views on YouTube video Engagement on social media Number of participants Press mentions

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PYP—Measurement: Total Reach P1 Total Reach = Traditional + Non-traditional Traditional = 111.5M Non-traditional = organic + amplified reach Non-traditional = 1.8M + 1.5M + amplified reach How to calculate amplified reach (aka virality)? 1.5M participants via Facebook and Twitter Average: 200 Facebook friends / Twitter followers Calculation: 1.5M x 200 = 300M amplified reach

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PYP—Measurement: Total Reach P2 Total Reach Traditional + NT organic + NT viral 111.5M + 1.8M + 1.5M + 300M = 414.8M reach Super Bowl + YouTube + FB/Twitter + Viral

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PYP—Measurement: CPM Cost -per-thousand CPM: Cost of campaign x 1000 Total Reach CPM: ($11M x 1K) / 414.8M = $26.55 What does this mean? Every 1,000 reach cost Chevrolet $26.55

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PYP—Measurement: CPM Comparison CPM for Purple Your Profile: $26.55 Average CPM for Super Bowl Ad: $30-35 Was this a success? YES

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Takeaways Campaign should align with corporate and marketing objectives Campaign Strategy Success: Development + Management + Measurement Utilize frameworks such as SMART Goals and 6Ms to help guide and measure success