Beyond Engagement: The Social Metrics You Ignore

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Beyond Engagement: The Social Metrics You Ignore

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Housekeeping Listening/voice options Questions and chat room #BeyondEngagement Recorded webinar Post-webinar survey #BeyondEngagement

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Speakers #BeyondEngagement Kristin Dean @_KristinDean Enterprise Client Partner at Simply Measured Ron Schott @ronschott Director of Professional Services at Simply Measured

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Vanity Metrics

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What Are They? #BeyondEngagement

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Why Isn’t Engagement Enough?

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Engagement as Groundwork #BeyondEngagement

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Context and Alignment #BeyondEngagement

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The IHOP Example #BeyondEngagement

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Different Business Units / Behavior / Goals / Metrics #BeyondEngagement

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Plan Better Now to Know More Later

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Do Your Research! #BeyondEngagement

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Find Your Baseline 13

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Avoid Data Overload #BeyondEngagement

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Different Goals, Different Metrics

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Audience Growth #BeyondEngagement

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Business Outcomes #BeyondEngagement

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Brand Awareness #BeyondEngagement

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Brand Awareness #BeyondEngagement

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Product Launch #BeyondEngagement

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Competitive Benchmarking #BeyondEngagement

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Surfacing the Right Data to the E-Team #BeyondEngagement

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Content Optimization #BeyondEngagement

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Cross-Channel Success #BeyondEngagement

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Customer Service #BeyondEngagement

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Takeaways Plan well now for smooth measurement later There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing metrics Engagement needs context Tie your metrics to business goals as directly as possible Use the right metrics to help you prioritize the right things #BeyondEngagement

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What Is Social Analytics? PLAN DEFINE YOUR SOCIAL STRATEGY MEASURE OPTIMIZE YOUR SOCIAL TACTICS EXECUTE Audiences Conversations Competitors Brand Activities Audience Engagement Business Impact #BeyondEngagement

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About Simply Measured Simply Measured is the most complete social analytics solution, empowering marketers with unmatched access to their social data to more clearly define their social strategy and to optimize their tactics for maximum impact. #BeyondEngagement

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