Content Strategy

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Content Strategy UGBA 198 Haas School of Business UC Berkeley

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Content Strategy What is your brand’s narrative? Heart of social media marketing Alignment, alignment, alignment Corporate Branding Business Objectives Marketing Objectives Situation Analysis

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Content Strategy—Development Customers Competitors Collaborators Company Context

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Content Strategy—Management Sustainable over time Unique content for each platform Alignment with corporate and marketing strategy Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Consistent tone and branding across all platforms Timeliness is key—hint: #trending

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Content Calendar Ensure that all channels are updated routinely Enable multiple members and editors to work together Avoid scheduling conflict and content overlap Address marketing and business objectives

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Content Calendar—Example Source: HootSuite

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Case Study: UC Berkeley

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Case Study: UC Berkeley P1 Brand Prestigious, #1 Public University, Top Faculty Diverse, quirky, lots of studying (of course!) Corporate Objectives Tell the “Berkeley story” Promote “Reaching further” Increase reputation, admissions, selectivity Increase interested students and applications

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Case Study: UC Berkeley P2 Marketing Objectives Acquire new followers Retrain and engage existing followers Tell the “Berkeley Story” Communication pipeline to students Promote student UGC 5C’s Customers: Current, Prospective, Alumni, Parents Collaborators: Admissions, Student Orgs, External, Administration Competitors: Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, UCI Company: Social Media Strategist and Consultants, Public Affairs Context: More students are on social media now than in the past

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Case Study: UC Berkeley P3 What is their content strategy? Showcase campus diversity Showcase Berkeley quirkiness Showcase pride and ranking Communication from administration

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Takeaways Content strategy is the heart of social media marketing Consistency, sustainability, and alignment are important Marketing frameworks can also be applied to social media marketing: 5C’s of Marketing Strategy AIDA: Attention, Interest, Demand, Action SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Food for thought on case study… Harvard / Stanford content strategy vs. UC Berkeley?