Sharing Your Story in 140 Characters

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Sharing Your Story in 140 Characters @iSocialfanz Brian Fanzo - Ignite Talk 2015 My Voice, My Pictures, My Tweets, My Personal Brand Story How Storytelling Leveraging Twitter Can Change The World!

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Everyone has a story to tell You're born with it… @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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Your story starts with finding your voice & embracing who you are! @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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@iSocialfanz “Nobody Can Tell Your Story, Share Your Passion & Explain Your Purpose Like YOU!” @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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Social Media Won’t Replace a handshake but social will provide you more handshakes and even change the 1st meeting from a handshake to a hug! @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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Be easy to be found People Follow YOU for YOU!

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Every digital action you take is a paragraph in your story!

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Engagement matters Think 2 Way Conversations not 1 Way Communication! @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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Share what you Find Valuable instead of what you think others will like

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we > me Celebrate others and help them achieve their goals! @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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“Treat Every Tweet as Conversation in Public, That Anyone Can Add Too, Share or Learn From!” @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare Don’t Tweet What Your not ok with your mom seeing!

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Stand out from the crowd Visuals, Audio and Video allow you to expand beyond the 140 characters @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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Build Relationships Online & Offline @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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Focus On your current followers not gaining new ones or worrying about those who unfollow you! All you need is one follower to make a difference! @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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Embrace the power of Twitter Communities Leverage the Power of Hashtags Monitor & Engage Live Event Hashtags Participate in Weekly Twitter Chats @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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Leverage tools to scale Automation Doesn’t = Easy Button giving you more time to actively engage @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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Tweak - Test - Tweak Again - Tweet - Repeat A Tweet Today is Better than a Perfected Tweet Tomorrow @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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#ShowUcare Nobody will ever say you help too much or provide too much value! @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare

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BE YOURSELF What Matters most @iSocialFanz #ShowUcare If You Suck Offline, You’ll Probably Suck Online! So Don’t Suck! So You

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@iSocialFanz 140 Characters Might Seem Like A Limitation But One Tweet, Can Create That One Conversation That Will Lead To That One Relationship, That Will Change The World!