What Not To Write|Makeover Your Content Creation

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What Not To Write|Makeover Your Content Creation Ellen Gomes Content Marketing Specialist November 5, 2014

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About Me Content Marketing Specialist at Marketo Fun Fact: I am a cat lady... get ready! I’m hip, I’m cool, I’m on twitter: @egomes1019

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It’s not an intervention but…

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Does this content look good on me?

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Create Winning Content

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#1: Identify Your Audience

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#2: Define Your Goals

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#3: Invest Wisely

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Types of Content: Guides

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Types of Content: ebook

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Types of Content: Infographic

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Types of Content: Blogs

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#4: Work Smarter

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#5: Practice Safe Experimentation

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#6: Make It A Habit

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#7: Keep Learning Follow content marketing leaders on twitter Find a few aspirational brands to follow Track your competitors

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