Get Social Social Media for B2B

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Get Social Social Media for B2B

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Why Social Media?

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“Only 20% of marketing budgets are typically spent on retention. Yet, in many cases, 75% of revenues comes from existing customers.” Source: Flip the Funnel

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Why Social Media for B2B? Source: KoMarketingAssociates.com

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for B2B

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Twitter: Highest Lead % Conversion Sources: optify.com, marketingpilgrim.com

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Key Milestones!

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Few interesting applications of Twitter

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Stock Market Prediction

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B2B Lead Generation through Twitter

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Twitter Cards for Lead Generation

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Twitter Cards

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Why Twitter is Powerful?

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Top 4 Reasons Direct Access Search #Tag Retweet

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Twitter Basics

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Open Conversations via Mention/Reply

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Private Talks via Direct Message (DM)

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Group Discussions via #Tag

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Twitter Tools

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Measure Influence

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Find Influencers

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Listen, Engage & Publish

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Keyword Alert (Email)

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for B2B

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How many people have you met in the last one year, Professionally?__________ To how many of them have you sent LinkedIn request?_____________

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The desire to “stay connected” We meet people every day, Professionally! Invite them to your LinkedIn Profile Key to Success

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How to leverage LinkedIn? Expand Your Reach

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Importing Existing Email Accounts

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Adding Your Friends & Colleagues

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LinkedIn Suggestions

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How to leverage LinkedIn? Expand Your Reach Build Credibility

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Your Profile

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Skill Endorsements

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Declare Accomplishments Announce your new website, blog posts, Deals, Customers or products/services and drive readers

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Get Recommendations “Hit when it’s hot!” Clients, Partners, Colleagues, Vendors, Friends and Associates.

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Plan your Content Calendar Company News: Award, Product Launch… Industry News Case Study Insight Travel Update: e.g. Conference Participation Article/Blog Posts …

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How to leverage LinkedIn? Expand Your Reach Build Credibility Engage with Relevant People

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Identify Relevant People

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Paid Filters in Premium accounts

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Practice Engagement

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Participate in Relevant Groups

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LinkedIn Case Studies

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3.5M US$ through LinkedIn

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James’ 7 Steps to Success on LinkedIn Touch up your Profile Join 50 groups Get weekly digests for 5-10 groups Spend one hour weekly participating in discussions of interest Send connection invitations to people you meet in discussions Ask connections if they would like to connect by phone or Skype Every three months, reevaluate group memberships and weekly digests

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EKA: $2M Sales Pipeline in 3 Weeks Provided marketing analysis of Mining Cos in Australia Identified target mines and key players (CEOs & CFOs) within those organizations Prospects identified along with LinkedIn connections

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Case Study

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Background Evalueserve participated as the Knowledge Partner in Global Economic Summit which was held in Mumbai from Jan 20 - 22, 2010. For the same, Evalueserve wrote a research paper on Investment Opportunities within Indian Infrastructure - Roads, Ports & Telecom Link: http://www.evalueserve.com/WhitePapersReports/tabid/176/Default.aspx

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Key Objectives Feedback on the white paper so that the industry aspect could be included PR among relevant community Generate Leads

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How LinkedIn was Useful? Has relevant groups in Infrastructure domain Global reach in terms of PR Experts available under one platform

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Joined the relevant LinkedIn Infrastructure Groups. Examples: India Infrastructure Group, India Infrastructure Forum, PPP/PF/PFI, Infrastructure Financing, Project Finance Posted this small brief about the paper on various groups discussion pages - Hi All: Evalueserve was the knowledge partner of the Infrastructure session in the recently concluded Global Economic Summit. The event was held in Mumbai from 20 - 22 Jan, 2010. The team wrote a paper on the 'Investment Opportunities in Roads, Telecom and Ports Infrastructure in India'. In case you wish to read it, please feel free to visit our website www.evalueserve.com or drop an email on InfrastructureResearch@evalueserve.com What was done?

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Leads Generated Partner, PROLUSION BV Manager, Infrastructure Finance at ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd. Manager Ports and Logistic Unit Spain & Portugal at BNP Paribas Fortis Director PPP Solutions, Director of the Commonwealth Business School, Assoc. at Centre for Public Service Partnerships Independent Consultant and ex EVP, Engineering of First Group America Vice President, Asia at PEI Media Independent Transport Planning & Management Consultant with over 20 years' management experience Transportation Planner at Transystems Corp with over a decade experience AVP, SKIL Group Managing Director at VAMED Healthcare Co. Ltd Managing Partner, Veda Asset Management Director at INEX Infrastructure Exchange Ltd Economist at Generalitat de Catalunya Ex- President, Land and Rehabilitation at Mumbai Special Economic Zone & Rewas Ports Limited Associate Vice President at Grant Thornton

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More Info on Google than LinkedIn

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Going Forward

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Social Media Resources SocialMediaB2B.com Mashable.com Hubspot.com MarketingSherpa.com MarketingProfs.com Marketingpilgrim.com SocialMediaToday.com SocialMediaExaminer.com eMarketer.com Econsultancy.com

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www.digitalvidya.com Digital Marketing Master Course

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Let’s continue this conversation… @MyDigitalVidya On Social Media Off Social Media info@digitalvidya.com Thanks for Listening!