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Source: Adbusters, 2011

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Matt Zilli Senior Product Marketing Manager Marketo mzilli@marketo.com @mattzilli

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The Perfect Campaign Do the right thing Wait David Raab, Customer Experience Matrix Blog

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We’re bad at this…. And here’s proof A typical email campaign… 19% Open Rate 3% Click-Through Rate 0.5% Unsubscribe Rate And if this email is “the right thing,” is a click the right result? * Representative stats from various email service provider reports

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Trustworthy Always Relevant Conversations, Not Campaigns Coordinated Across Channels Strategic Why? Because effective marketing needs to be:

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I opened [your email] because I knew it was your weekly email and I wanted to see inside -- the subject had no influence. That’s what happens when you become a trusted resource or an expected one. --Meryl K. Evans, “Content Maven for Hire””

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The key to getting opt-in is to show the subscriber ‘What’s In It for Me’ (WIIFM)

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List Building Tactics

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When it comes to marketing, nobody wants to get blasted

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Demographic Segmentation Gender Age (or birth year) Geography Income Interests Job title Industry Company size

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The Key to Relevance is Behavioral Targeting Tactics to Increase Email Engagement

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Listening & Responding to Behaviors I can do this myself! No trips to see IT – yay!

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What is an engaging conversation? Listens and adapts Communications flow one to the next

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Email Website Social Campaigns Transactions

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Welcome! Here’s what to expect Check out this article Here’s a cool video See our latest offering Share this with friends Here’s what others like! Happy birthday Hi, are you ready to buy? More cool content

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OK, why aren’t more marketers doing this?

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This is way too complicated.

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Drag and drop new content Not just email campaigns – Social, Direct Mail, SMS, etc…

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Open Click Unsubscribe Bounce Etc.

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Engagement Over Time Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 100 80 60 40 20 0 1.5% Unsubscribe 65 Engagement 55d Next Cast Mar 18, 2013 Engagement: 60 2013 Marketo’s Secret Sauce Definitive Guide to Events Lead Nurturing Lead Nurturing Streams Setup My Tokens Members View: Dashboard Ў Streams: All Streams Ў

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Track All Touches Across People Screenshot: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics

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Source: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, June 2013 * Percentage of all programs in channel that achieve MT Ratio > 5 Nurture Email - CTA Nurture Email Paid Online (PPC+Email) Nurture (New) % Above Min* N/A 52% N/A 39% 79% 46% N/A 38% N/A N/A N/A 29% 38% 52% 7.6

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