Interactive Content Marketing: The Future of Your Funnel

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Interactive Content Marketing: The Future of Your Funnel #LaunchPoint John Westby, SilkRoad Seth Lieberman, SnapApp Julie Ritchie, Marketo

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Your Speakers John Westby Director of Digital Marketing SilkRoad Seth Lieberman CEO SnapApp Julie Ritchie Sr. Launchpoint Marketing Manager Marketo

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Quick Housekeeping Chat box is available if you have any questions There will be time for a Q&A at the end We will be recording the webinar for future viewing All attendees will receive a copy of the slides and the recording of today’s webinar Twitter hashtag: #LaunchPoint

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About SilkRoad SilkRoad is a leading provider of cloud-based, end-to-end HR solutions that enable customers to find, attract, develop, and retain the best talent possible.

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SnapApp is a content marketing platform that empowers marketers to build captivating interactive content experiences and deploy them anywhere, anytime without IT or custom development. Build Dialogue. Drive Engagement. Deliver Results.

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1. Build Dialogues

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2. Deliver Value To Your Audience Exchange Value with your audience

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3. Make Your Content & Ideas Consumable White papers are hard to eat Sushi is delicious

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“Only 5% of buyers say they will provide detailed information in exchange for a white paper. With interactive content, the whole experience yields detailed information which the user willingly shares.” - DemandGen Report

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Snapshot of Success Content Results Actionable Analytics

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What SilkRoad Built - Phase 1

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ROI Calculators Calculators are content types that take inputs from a user and combine them based on a formula to generate numerical results. Typically they are used to calculate an increase/savings (often displayed as ROI).

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Assessments Assessments are used to deliver customized results based on how a user answers a series of questions. Assessments are particularly powerful with an audience because they have a highly consultative feel and approach to a specific issue for users.

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Interactive White papers Interactive white papers repurpose thought leadership and long form pillar content and combine it with interactivity. Typically, interactive white papers are a condensed version of the full white paper that highlight the core themes, and are paired with an assessment, survey, calculator or knowledge test.

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Quizzes, Polls & Surveys

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Leverage Marketo Investment with Data

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Mapping Data Into Marketo Q&A data maps to Marketo Hidden fields flow through too

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Tagging Content in Marketo Campaigns Pulls in existing Marketo campaigns

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SilkRoad Resources: What did it take? Goals “what questions do we need answered? How can we use interactivity to engage conversations?” Existing Content Assets: Previous less than successful assessment Older spreadsheet based ROI tools New assets being launched in other formats Internal Ownership (who) Marketing communications and digital marketers Started in North America, rolled this to our UK office easily Promotion Social, Blogging, Website, House list, paid digital promotion Great post-webinar follow up call to action – get’s people engaged one-to-one

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Where Do You Start? Be Introspective.

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Do you phrase your content in the form of a question?

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Deliver value to your audience Make your big ideas consumable Engagement and interactivity matter Lead your audiences on the right journeys Collect data and make it structured and actionable You already have most of what you need. Parting Thoughts

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Your Speakers John Westby Director of Digital Marketing SilkRoad Seth Lieberman CEO SnapApp Julie Ritchie Sr. Launchpoint Marketing Manager Marketo

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Thank you!