Marketing Automation is Awesome!

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Marketing Automation is Awesome! Kimi Heskett-Fowler Marketing Automation Specialist OnBase by Hyland

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Who Am I? 100% of my time is spent on Marketing Automation & related activities Marketo Ohio User Group Leader Marketo Certified Expert 3-Time Marketo Champion 2013 Marketo Champion of the Year

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I love marketing automation!

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All the good stuff What is Marketing Automation? Why Marketing Automation? What should you consider in this process? Why Marketo? Marketo Implementation is Fun Successes Questions?

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What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks. Basically, it’s awesome.

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Why Marketing Automation? Because it’s awesome…

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No Really… Why Marketing Automation? Scalable Accountability Alignment between sales & marketing Step up your communication game Coordination

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What should you consider? Getting Marketing to buy in is easy. Worry about everyone else. Make the IT folks your besties. Make other departments part of the evaluation, implementation and rollout.

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Why Marketo? “I vividly remember the demo. Marketo listened to our problems, what we wanted to accomplish and what we needed to measure. There was no question that this solution was for us.” -Dave Vegh Sales Program Manager

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Why Marketo? “With Marketo, we take our campaigns to the next level, make our employees are more efficient and we can be more attentive to our customers.” -Jerry Trudell Demand Gen Manager

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Implementation is fun! Use your resources! Marketo University Marketo Community User Groups Social Networks

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Implementation is fun!

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Successes! 1,208 MQLs vs. 2,647 MQLs 120% growth

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Successes! 100% YoY growth on booked revenue sourced from Marketing post Marketo & SFDC implementation.

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Kimi Heskett-Fowler Marketing Automation Specialist – OnBase by Hyland Kimi.heskett@onbase.com @kimikay