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The webinar will start shortly Did you know? Vocus makes it easy to distribute, amplify and measure your content. The Vocus PR Suite is a one stop shop for all your PR needs, including sending targeted press releases, promoting content on social and measuring the results.

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The webinar will start shortly Did you know? You can also find e-books and white papers chock full of best practices and current industry trends. Check it all out on our website, www.vocus.com under Resources – White Papers!

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The webinar will start shortly Presentation slides can be downloaded from the “learn more” tab in the webinar console

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The webinar will start shortly #VocusWebinar

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Cision November 13, 2014 Your Content Strategy is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It. Cision

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Your content strategy is broken. Admit it. TE CONNECTIVITY

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More noise than ever before Cision

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And, you’re battling this… Cision

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Marketers/PRs know it’s a challenge … yet we fail to fully prepare. “My content marketing is not effective.” “Producing engaging content is my biggest content marketing challenge.” “But, I don’t have a documented strategy.” Cision

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How did we get here? Cision

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Look familiar? Cision

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What do we do now? Cision

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1: Conduct a comprehensive content audit Cision

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Review & Analyze: Existing content across all social channels Data sources (Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, etc.) Cision

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Review & Analyze: Anecdotal feedback from customers/fans Anecdotal feedback from employees/leadership 3-4 competitors/brands you admire Cision

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Identify: What content already exists that you’re not already using? What content does your client/company want? What content do your actually customers want? Find a mix that works for your company/client (and lean more toward the customer-focused content) Cision

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2: Identify resources In-house Agency Independent Robots? Cision

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In-House: Pros Less ramp-up time Knows your brand better Quick access to internal SMEs Not always best resource Existing political barriers may provide roadblocks In-House: Cons Cision

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Agency: Pros Access to more “human resources” Get much-needed outside perspective All-in-one package More expensive Longer dating cycle Agency: Cons Cision

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Independent: Pros What you see is what you get Big fish, small pond Just one person means…just one person Independent: Cons Cision

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Robots? Wordsmith 2,000 simple articles per second Not as “robotic” as you might think Boon to personalized content (and reports) Cision

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3: Create a content plan of attack Cision

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First, ask yourself: What’s our mission? Cision

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Long-form content -> Micro-content Cision

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“Content Cornerstones” Cision

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#1: Stay true to your brand voice, values and mission. Cision

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#2: Create content your customers will find USEFUL (or entertaining). Cision

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#3: Amplify your customers’ best content. Cision

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#4: Focus on content that builds pride. Cision

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#5: Inspire your customers through powerful images (and video) Cision

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#6: Tell rich, meaningful stories about the people who make up your company. Cision

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#7: Be a resource (and build brand affinity and trust) Cision

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#8: Focus SIGNFICANT effort on headlines Cision

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Identify your “sources” Organizational “connectors” Customers Vendors/Partners Front-line employees Customer service Executives Cision

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Then, think about what about content YOU can create? Round-up posts Q&A from the sales team How-to’s Interviews (trade shows, events, etc.) Book reviews Lists (with stats to back them up) Case studies Summarizing comments Cision

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You know who’s really good at this? Cision

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4: How are you going to distribute the content? Cision

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DISTRIBUTE Social Email Repurpose (LinkedIn publishing, Medium) Cision

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Keep this in mind… Cision

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You know who’s really good at this? Cision

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5: Do you plan to amplify your content? Cision

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AMPLIFY Social advertising Sponsored content Syndication Cision

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You know who’s really good at this? Cision

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6: And finally, how do you measure? Cision

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MEASURE Google Analytics Social signals “Engaged time”/”Attention time” Visitor loyalty Don’t forget: Email metrics Cision

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arikhanson.com @arikhanson arik@arikhanson.com Cision

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The Vocus Family About Vocus, A Cision Company Cision is a leading provider of public relations software that enables professionals to plan, execute and measure influencer-oriented campaigns in one integrated platform. Communication professionals use Cision to access the world’s largest pitchable media and blogger database, distribute press releases, manage influencer outreach, measure social media activities, and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns. Cision, which recently combined with Vocus, also represents the Gorkana Group, Visible Technologies, PRWeb, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and iContact brands. Headquartered in Chicago, Cision has over 100,000 customers and maintains offices in Canada, England, France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and China. For more information, visit www.cision.com or follow @Cision on Twitter.  PR Suite Online News Releases Publicity Email Marketing @Vocus @PRWeb @Helpareporter @iContact