Digital Marketing Essentials

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Agenda Wolfgang News Now & Next in Paid Search The Evolution of Display Visual Content The UGC Social Sweet Spot Customer-Centric SEO Hangin Out With Rand 5 Actionable Takeaways Q&A Last Person Standing Quiz Bath Time

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“There’s One For…”

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Growing The ‘Gang

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E-Commerce Studies Spend up 41% 2014 Spend up 76% Q4

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KPI Study

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Best Agency Best Search - UNICEF Best Search - Iclothing Best Retail - Iclothing Best Travel – Camino Ways Big Data Best Company

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Al’s Bitcoin Investment

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Now & Next in Paid Search Brendan Almack Ciaran Murphy Rob Beirne

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How Many Adwords Innovations in Q3 2014? Product ratings on Google Shopping New shipping configuration tool available in Google Merchant Center Search Network with Display Select New Shopping Campaigns Upgrade Tool Close variant matching for all exact and phrase keywords Introducing Website Call Conversions Using Google Search and YouTube to Promote Your App Product Listing Ads become Google Shopping New display ads formats for a multi-screen world Google Shopping: automatic item updates Estimated cross-device conversions, now available for display A simpler way to manage your business locations in AdWords Scale your Shopping campaigns with bulk uploads and AdWords Editor Advertising on your schedule with AdWords Express Introducing Dynamic Sitelinks Making it easier to build rich and engaging mobile ads for the Google Display Network Call out Extensions Product Listing Ads now on search network New look mobile search ads Local inventory ads expand to more countries and formats Announcing Ad customiser

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Now & Next in Paid Search Brendan Almack Ciaran Murphy Rob Beirne

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What’s New?

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Review Extensions

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Driving Account Performance Up to +80% lift in CTR

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The Policy A review extension must be an accurate, current, credible, non-duplicative third party review of the advertiser’s business. ……but

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The Wolfgang Hack

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The Wolfgang Hack

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Tracking Mobile Calls….From Your Website

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A Frustration

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More Than Click-to-Call

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Tracking Calls from a Website +11%

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3-Step Set Up Generate Conversion Code in AdWords Paste Code on Page with Number Adjust html using ‘onclick’ command

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Why is this important? Cost per conversion Optimisation decisions

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Let Me Blow Your Mind

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Generic Keyword Conundrum

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What If?

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Combine 2 Recent Adwords Innovations

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Conversion Machine Second only to brand for conversions Compared to original DSA campaign 68% increase in conv rate

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Custom Ads

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What they look like

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Increased Conversion Rate

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Don’t Worry, Be Appy

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“The Year of Mobile”

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App Download Campaigns Download rates >20%.

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80-90% of downloaded apps are used only once. Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/16-percent-of-mobile-userstry-out-a-buggy-app-more-than-twice/

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App Re-Engagement Beta

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Don’t Worry, Be Appy

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IAB Ireland H1 2014

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2 Behemoths of Display

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How do you connect with consumers when they aren’t necessarily searching for you?

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There’s a solution available for every stage of the funnel

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Entice Politely attract user attention Qualify user intent to engage Qualify Engage Allow your customers to truly engage with your ads Encourage maximum User Engagement time

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Lightbox with multi-video Launched Use case Videos (2-5) Logo Background image CTA Buttons (optional) Assets Showcase your brand commercials in one User experience

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Lightbox with video + image Launched Use case Video Images Assets Showcase your product images and video commercial

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Lightbox with video + maps In BETA Use case Video Logo Maps feed Assets Showcase your brand commercial and show the nearby stores Tap map to open locations

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Lightbox with images + maps Launching Nov-Q4 Use case Images Logo Maps feed Assets Showcase your brand’s image gallery and show nearby stores Swipe image to view more In BETA

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It’s hard to stay top of mind when half your budget is wasted on ads that are never seen 54%

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With Viewable Impressions, you can reach your target audience with zero wasted brand spend On screen Pay for impression Not on screen Do not pay for impression

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of Facebook Advertising

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Travel Industry Example: Camino Ways Journey Paths to purchase can be very long and complex Average length of purchase journey is 24 days Users will make an Average of 21.6 site visits before making a purchase (Google UK Whitepaper 2011)

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Hannibal – The Man with the Plan & the Data 60% Irish Adults have a Facebook account 72% look at Facebook every day (growing) Lots of juicy data – (much more than Google) 3 New/improved Features in 2014

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Feature 1: Targeting Interests e.g. Walking/hiking Custom audiences – From an email list Lookalike Audiences – Based on the email list Cross device targeting

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Custom & Lookalike Audiences Email list (3,000 Irish emails) Lookalike Audience built from similar characteristics (110,000)

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Cross Device Targeting I’m gonna follow you around until you make a purchase. Fool.

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Feature 2. Formats: Newsfeed “Ads” Spend - €100 Reach – 45.5K Unique users Website Clicks – 2083 CPC - €0.05 Shares - 121 Website leads – 5 Value in journey to purchase - Priceless

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Great Formats = Great Results Newsfeed ads – it’s native advertising! Look at those low Cost Per Clicks! And huge volume of traffic – you’d be crazy not to!

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Feature 3: Advocacy – putting the “Face” in Facebook Allows your audience to share your marketing in a way that Display ads can’t. Recommendations from user to user

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Advocacy – Recommendations from Facebook user to user 1. Shares 2. Tagging 3. Recommendations

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Recap 1. Data: Facebook knows you more intimately than any other platform – your wishes & desires 2. Formats: Low CPCs, high Volume of traffic 3. Targeting: Better targeting options 4. Cross Device Targeting: People rather than cookies 5. Creates Advocacy: Recommendations from user to user 6. Exciting Innovations in 2015 – watch this space

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1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144

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Science Read: pre-attentive processing Remembered: picture superiority effect

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Paid Promotion

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Micro – Targeting & Inflammatory Creative

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Why Facebook? Unparalelled reach Fantastic CPCs Visual friendly

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Twitter Creative

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Why Twitter? Expensive CPCs Low Volumes of Traffic Nowhere does news get older faster Influential audience

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Why Taboola? Incredibly cheap clicks Large Volumes of Traffic available Not quite as “social”

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Virality - Publishers

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Sharing - Anger

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Results Best Day For Traffic - EVER!!!

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Free Traffic

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Prolonged Interest

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Getting Social with Data

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A Brief History

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Focused on Acquisition Highly efficient paid search Driving new customer acquisition

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Close to your Data = Close to Your Customer

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Lot’s of Important Touch Points

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Importance of Repeat Customer X 2

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This is not New vs Returning 2 Year Cookie for Users & Sessions!

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Importance of Repeat Customer

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Leverage Repeat Customers Get existing customers spending more Turn existing customers into an asset

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Creative Concept Development

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Source: The Nielsen Company

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Source: The Nielsen Company

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Loyalty + Advocacy = UGC Opportunity

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iClothing Advocates

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25.75% Engagement 2% Engagement

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9.5% CTR 0.9% CTR

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Loyalty + Advocacy = UGC Opportunity

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Advocacy Authentic Images – 10x more engagement Doubled theTwitter Following 16,000 engagements with #iWear on Twitter and Facebook

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Why did it work? 1. Data Driven Insights 2. Targeting 3. Optimisation

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Customer Centric SEO

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Developing an SEO Strategy What is SEO? What are you trying to achieve by investing in it?

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Technology - Site Speed

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Site Speed for Conversion & Engagement -7% Conversions Source: Aberdeen Group

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Relevance - Engagement Pogo sticking Evidence of an irrelevant or content light landing page Doesn’t answer the questions that searchers are asking

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Fix Pogo Sticking & Drive Engagement Get inside the mind of the searcher Build a landing page that answers questions/concerns Encourage engagement

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Authority – Attracting Links & Build Your Brand Content to facilitate outreach Quality content that attracts social links Build your Brand

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What is SEO success?

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Traffic + Action +170% +130%

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No sitemap No H tags No schema Broken plug-ins No blog navigation Slow page speed SEO Audit discovered:

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Organic traffic year-on-year Sessions 2013 Sessions 2014

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Women’s Clothing & Footwear Men’s Clothing & Footwear Child & Baby Electricals Furniture Jewellery Beauty Toys

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Demand Opportunity Business goals

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Women’s Clothing & Footwear Men’s Clothing & Footwear Child & Baby Electricals Furniture Jewellery Beauty Toys

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Check what terms your pages rank for Check your page speed Go get the links you are owed

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1/ Are People Reading My Content?

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True Bounce Rate Measure a website visit after a set piece of time One amendment to Analytics Code setTimeout("_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', '30_seconds', 'read'])",30000)

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2/ Do I get more traffic than my competitors? Use Google Analytics Benchmarking Reports to find out.

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Competitor Benchmarking reports on Analytics

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3/ Facebook cross device tracking

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More than 80% of iOS and Android apps use Facebook logins

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yoursite.com/ordercomplete <script>(function() { var _fbq = window._fbq || (window._fbq = []); if (!_fbq.loaded) { var fbds = document.createElement('script'); fbds.async = true; fbds.src = '//connect.facebook.net/en_US/fbds.js'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(fbds, s); _fbq.loaded = true; } _fbq.push(['addPixelId', '436408609838040']); })(); window._fbq = window._fbq || []; window._fbq.push(['track', 'PixelInitialized', {}]); </script> <head> </head>

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4/ Assisted Conversions

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Assisted Conversions

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Assisted Conversions

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5/ Real Time Advertising “Me At The Foundry”

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1. Alan's better half talked him out of investing the deposit for the house into Facebook Shares Bitcoin

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2. How many AdWords innovations did we count in Q3 2014 23 21

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Slide 235

3. Which of the following AdWords innovations allows you to target people who have already been on your website when they are on Google search RSLAs      DSAs

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Slide 237

4. Wolfgang Digital are the proud proprieters of an online adult-toy shop True      False

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5. Pogo sticking is:   anytime a user bounces from your website Or when a user bounces back to the search results and continues their search 

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when a user bounces back to the search results and continues their search 

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6. What proportion of Irish Online Ad spend went on Display in H1 2014 35%   33%

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7. Wolfgang Digital are Finalists in how many categories in the DMAs 2015 6    7

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8. According to the latest Wolfgang E-Commerce Study consumer spend online for the year 2014 grew by: 41%       76%

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9.  86% of time spent on mobile is spent in an app True   False

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10. Facebook Custom Audiences target: People based on their interests         Or Your email list when they are on Facebook

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Your email list when they are on Facebook

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11. What's the maximum amount of stars can you get from "Google Review Extensions“ 5    0

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12. Google launched it's RTB ad platform in   2002     2007

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13. Taboola is a content promotion platform that gives dirt cheap clicks and facilitates users to share your content. True    False

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14. In Google Analytics if there is 2 touch-points prior to a conversion: Paid Search and then Direct, the conversion will be attributed to: Direct     Paid Search   

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Paid Search

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Tie Breaker 15. How many people had registered for the Wolfgang Essentials 2015 Event by the cut off at 5pm on Wed?

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