Inbound Marketing: The New SEO Lifecycle

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Inbound Marketing: The New SEO Lifecycle

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Hi, I’m Nicole Munoz... SEO + Inbound Marketing ICP and Hubspot Certified Speaker Blogger /nicolemunozfan /nicolemunoz Nicole Munoz, CEO Start Ranking Now, Inc.

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Have a question? We will be monitoring questions on Twitter! Use Hashtags: #inboundmarketing and my staff will pull out the questions for me to answer at the end of the presentation!

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What we will cover … The Evolution of SEO What is the New SEO Lifecycle My 5/5/5 Formula for Success Free Giveaway: One $500 Marketing Strategy Session to one lucky person!

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The Evolution of SEO

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Current State of SEO Research and Analysis Keyword Research On Site Coding Content Marketing Link Building Ranking Report

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What Content Marketing is not! Article Marketing If it is not good for the user, it is just not good! Article Submissions Article Spinning Private Blog Networks Guest Blog Posts for Links Infographics for Links Press Releases for Links

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What is Content Marketing?

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How it is supposed to work...

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How it really works…. One link from your mom who felt sorry for you.

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The Problem: No Strategy when what we need is a sniper strategy! We take a shotgun approach to content marketing…..

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Businesses that focus on “SEO” without a content plan will fail. Business Owner

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Business Owner

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Search Visibility Influencers On Site Technical SEO Usability Metrics Bounce Rate Time on Site Click Through Rate SEO Courtesy of SearchMetrics.com http://www.searchmetrics.com/wp-content/uploads/seo-ranking-factors-2014.png User Signals Social Backlinks On Page (technical) On Page (content) Bounce Rate Time on Site Click Through Rate Social Mentions and Shares Brand Mentions + Brand Links Authority Site Natural, Earned Links SEO Site Speed Image SEO Fresh, Updated Content Interlinking

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ON Site SEO Buyer Persona Buying Cycle Editorial Calendar Content Creation Content Amplification (SEO, Social, Paid) Feedback Link Acquisition Usability Advanced Technical On Site SEO Success!! The Holistic Approach

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Blog Posts, Articles PDFs, White Papers Podcasts, Videos Lead Magnets Case Studies Marketing Goals Basic On Site SEO Define Buyer Personas Map the Buyers Journey Keyword Research Competitive Research Editorial Calendar My 5/5/5 Strategy Blogging SEO Social Media + Promotion Competitive Link Acquisition with Content Placement Relationship Building with Strategic Partners Paid Ads (FB, Google Adwords, Outbrain) Retargeting Campaigns Engagement Likes, Shares, Tweets Comments Bounce Rate Click Through Rate Time On Site Advanced Technical SEO Rankings

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What are the marketing goals of the new SEO Lifecycle?

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Lead Generation + Nurturing (Leads)

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Customer Acquisition

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State Your Purpose Purpose: To have the best year ever for our business! Traffic x/month Prospects x/month Leads x/month Sales x/month GOALS Strategies Results

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Focus on your Buyer Personas

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Not Keywords but rather WHO are you selling to? CEO VP of Marketing Business Dev. Manager.

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Map out Your Customer Buying Cycle Questions

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Map Out Your Buying Cycle

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7 Stages of the Buying Cycle Pre-Awareness Awareness Interest / Education Consideration Justification Purchase Post-Purchase Pain / Problem Show the Problem in detail Focus on their needs Show worst case scenario if they don’t solve the problem Solution Problem-Solution Content First Questions Everyone Asks What it is and how it can help them More Information How it works How it will help them Your Unique Process Emotional Stage Case Studies Testimonials Client Stories Logic Stage Price Comparison Charts Feature Comparison Us vs Them Content Just the Facts Shipping + Tax Return Policy Guarantee Re-Assurance Tell them they made the right decision Show them how to use the product Bonus and surprises

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1. What questions does the persona want to answer for each stage? 8. What format should the Lead Magnet be in? 7. What is a good Lead Magnet for each stage? 6. What format should the content be delivered? 2. What keywords connect to the questions? 3. What is the most shared content based on the keywords? 4. What headlines can we use for our content? 5. Which stage do the headlines map to? Content Mapping

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What questions is your persona asking in each stage?

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What keywords connect to the questions?

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Phrase Match and Related Keywords Reports

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Competitive Positioning Map

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Identify Competitors who are advertising

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Are they a true competitor?

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Referring Domains: Potential Link Acquisition, Paid Sponsorships or Paid Ads

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Top Keywords for the Top Competitor

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What is the most shared content based on the keywords?

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What headlines can we use for content?

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Pre-Awareness Product: Marketing Automation Software How can I get my sales team to follow up with all these leads? How can I know which leads are ready to buy? How can I systemize our sales team efforts easily? 50% of marketing leads receive no follow-up from sales 6 tips on how to follow up with your sales leads 7 tips for successful lead follow-up Lead follow-up strategies to save 70% of your sales leads follow up follow up on leads follow up on your leads lead management lead scoring Free Report / PDF Free Video Educational Blog Posts Paid Ads to the Free Reports + Educational Content Questions Content Headlines Keywords Content Types

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Awareness What is marketing automation? Is marketing automation right for my business? Isn’t this the same as my email autoresponder? Will this replace my CRM? Does marketing automation work? What is marketing automation and why will it matter in 2015? What is the difference between CRM and marketing automation? 10 Marketing automation tools that can save hundreds of hours. what is marketing automation crm for small business software for small business marketing automation tools Blog Post Infographics Free Reports Questions Headlines Keywords Content Types

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Interest / Education What other marketing automation tools exist? Is this the best marketing automation software? Is this going to meet my specific business needs? What other features does it have? Marketing Automation: The Greatest Asset in your Sales Arsenal Marketing Automation for Law Firms Do you need an email marketing or marketing automation tool? marketing automation software marketing automation tools marketing automation companies marketing automation vendors Blog Posts Infographics Video Podcast Questions Headlines Keywords Content Types

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Consideration Does this replace my CRM? Will this help me to save time? Will this help me to save money? Will this help me to make more money? 4 ways to save time with marketing automation How marketing automation saves you time and money. How marketing automation boosts lead response time. Marketing Automation: How to use email to shorten the sales cycle. automated email marketing email marketing automation automated marketing solutions Blog Posts Case Studies Testimonials Video Questions Content Headlines Keywords Content Types

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Justification How much does it cost? What is the ROI? How much better will my business be in 6 months if I implement this? Is this the best solution? Which marketing automation software is the best? OfficeAutoPilot vs Infusionsoft Review MailChimp vs Infusionsoft; what to pick and why infusionsoft vs hubspot ontraport vs act-on eloqua vs marketo infusionsoft pricing hubspot pricing charts graphics infographics ROI reports Case Studies Blog Posts Questions Content Headlines Keywords Content Types

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Purchase How soon can I start using it? How many users? What are the hidden costs? Ultimate 2015 Marketing Automation Software Pricing Guide Marketing Automation Pricing Comparisons Marketing Automation Software Reviews investing in marketing automation marketing automation best practices marketing automation price comparison marketing automation pricing Comparison Charts Guides Free Reports Questions Content Headlines Keywords Content Types

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Post-Purchase How do I get setup? When can I get started on my training? Are there any training manuals? What are best practices? What should I do first? Marketing Automation Best Practices Guide 37 Marketing Automation Best Practices The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation marketing automation best practices pdf getting started with marketing automation marketing automation implementation guide PDF User Guides Step by Step Blog Posts Video Walk Thru Questions Content Headlines Content Types Keywords

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Create Your Inbound Editorial Calendar

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Map out Blog Content Publication for 90 Days (5 For Each of the first 5 Stages)

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Place Content On Blog First (Unless for link acquisition)

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Create a Lead Capture Strategy

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Don’t waste your time and money on marketing strategies that aren’t working - be confident in your ROI! Map out 5 Lead Magnets Ideas (One for Each of first 5 Stages)

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Add one lead magnet to the bottom of each blog post. Match the lead magnets to the correct buying cycle stage! Blog Post Call to Action Lead Magnet

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Email Marketing Lead Magnet Campaign In Infusionsoft.

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My 5/5/5 Strategy

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1 Billion 70 Million 332 Million 300 Million 288 Million 1.39 Billion BLOG Content Amplification

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Paid Traffic Blg

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Link Acquisition Competitive Backlinks (LRT Backlink analysis) Authority Links (Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc, Industry Related Sites) Media Mentions (Haro, ReporterConnect) Sponsorships (Paid ads) Organizations (BBB, Chamber of Commerce) Local Listings (Yelp) Blogs (Podcast Interviews, Guest Blog Posts)

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Free $500 Marketing Strategy Giveaway Marketing Strategy Session Who are you selling to? What is the buyer's journey? How can we create an effective marketing strategy to reach your target market? All of these questions and more will be explored during the initial marketing strategy session. During our 90 minute marketing strategy session we will identify your top three target markets, map out the buyer's journey, and identify the strategy for a lead generation campaign. 60 Minute Strategy Session Identify Buyer Personas Create Buyer’s Journey 90 Day Editorial Calendar with Blog Content Headlines 30 Minute Strategy Session to Review the Plan

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Work with Nicole Go to: http://www.startrankingnow.com/contact-us-now to schedule a consultation! Check out our services here: http://www.startrankingnow.com/services Connect with me! Facebook.com/nicolemunozfan Facebook.com/startrankingnow Twitter.com/nicolemunoz Twitter.com/startrankingnow