What does that selfie really say about you?

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What does that selfie really say about you?

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Images of selfies are taking over social media. Everyone is doing it, so it’s harmless right?

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Wrong! That selfie could cost you your dream job! So before you take your next snap, consider what your self-portrait could say about you…

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You’re a bragger Showing off your new outfit, haircut or the party you’re at might seem like harmless fun. But to a recruiter it can look like you’re a narcissist bragger.

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You’re Selfish With endless photos of yourself you can appear very selfish and to a recruiter that could send alarm bells ringing that you’re someone who isn’t a good team player. So try flipping that camera around and take a photo with others and show that you’re a great ‘people person’.

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You have a bad personal brand Before an interview you take time to make sure you look your best and make a good first impression. But what if the recruiter has done an online search and found selfies of you looking disheveled, tired, or even in your swimmers? All that effort you put in for the interview could lose its impact.

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So before you take your next selfie think about whether or not you’d want a recruiter to see it.

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